Apple Pie Bites

No surprise here, apple pie reminds me of Thanksgiving. I have some issues with Thanksgiving though, and I intend to spend the rest of this post venting about them. Yes, I am using these delicious bites of goodness as an excuse to release my frustrations. If you have a problem with it I suggest you scroll down to the recipe instead.

Apple Pie Bites I’ve mentioned a few times here that I have dual citizenship, meaning I am both American and Canadian. I’ve spent the majority of my life living in Canada and am very much a proud Canadian. I tend to view my American citizenship as a convenience. I will never have to get a Visa to live and work in The States and for that I am truly thankful. I also have mad respect for Trader Joe’s and quality customer service so I will defend America to the death on these two subject. But for the most part I ooze Canadian pride.
And then there’s Thanksgiving. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October (this coming weekend), unlike Americans who celebrate at the end of November. Here’s where my issues begin. Canadians just don’t know how to do Thanksgiving. Strike #1: No one knows when to celebrate it. Is it Sunday or Monday? Typical Canadian indecisiveness. Then there’s the food. Sure Canadians have a turkey, but where the hell are my yams with marshmallows?!?! Not cool Canada.
I am definitely not a football fan, but I love the fact that my American compatriots shut down everything for some good ole’ American ball. If you’ve ever seen the Canadian Football League play you would understand my qualms. The list could go on, but you are either a) Canadian and horrified by this post, b) American and already know that you do Thanksgiving better or c) from somewhere else and don’t give a rats ass.

Moral of the story is that this weekend I will NOT be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. In fact I plan on raiding the nearest Trader Joe’s on my weekend escape to Minneapolis. End scene.

Apple Pie Bites

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 20 balls

Apple Pie Bites


  • 1 cup pitted dates
  • 1 cup dried apple rings, chopped
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup cashews
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp sea salt


  1. Add dates and apple rings to a food processor and process until pea-sized.
  2. Add in cashews and process until dates, apple rings and cashews come together in a sticky ball.
  3. Break up the ball with your hands and add in the oats, spices and salt.
  4. Continue processing until all ingredients are well combined and have a sticky consistency.
  5. Roll into 20 or so balls.
  6. Store in fridge or freezer.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are some of your typical Thanksgiving traditions?


  1. says

    Hahaha, I actually never heard of Canadian Thanksgiving before – but it sounds kind of fun ;) In Germany we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all, but I am enjoying a lot of the recipes and treats all fall through, so I guess that is all right. And regarding the apple pie bites: I would totally make these, but I have to admit the moment that I bring dried apple rings home they are gone. I am just too much of a fan of eating them by the handful.

  2. says

    haha, I don’t blame you for being frustrated — thanksgiving is too delicious to not do right! also… these apple pie bites look AMAZING. pinning now and making ASAP!

  3. says

    I’m offended!!! Just kidding.

    I actually agree with you that I wish Canada made as big of a deal of Thanksgiving as Americans. That being said, my family does a pretty good job of celebrating it. We always have a big turkey feast at my grandma’s, including a trip to the local county fair beforehand. And then my parents, sister and I usually have a 2nd little celebration together just so that we can bake our own turkey for the sake of having leftovers haha.

  4. says

    Haha this post made me laugh :) Your feelings about Canadian Thanksgiving definitely seem justified, and the Trader Joe’s outing sounds like a brilliant alternative!
    Sweet potato + marshmallow = my all-time favorite Thanksgiving dish.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday my dear!

  5. says

    Your Apple Pie bites looks good!!! Hope you have a great weekend. I am not sure if I am up to making a turkey supper this weekend. I would do it on a Sunday so we could have leftovers on the Monday and just relax…we will see :)

  6. says

    I’m very picky around apples – it has to be tangy and sweet, particularly green and peeled. Do you have a favorite apple? What?! Dual American & Canadian – lucky girl and Trader Joe’s awesome hehehe! YAY that we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the same day – I can’t wait to see your Thanksgiving meals! These Apple Pie bites look scrumptious!

    I celebrate Thanksgiving with Doni and his family a lot, but my family don’t celebrate it at all, but my parents’ birthdays are around that time so I usually visit them. I simply can’t wait for Thanksgiving, for the past few years, 75% of the meals were vegan and delish!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you in Canada – haha!

  7. says

    Hahahah this post made me giggle. I kind of like Canadian Thanksgiving, in it’s flexibility (that way you can go to 2 dinners if your significant other has one too!) and I’ve never been a fan of marshmallows or football ;) I think it’s laid-backness and lack of focus is what makes it truly Canadian. I mean after all, all we want is an excuse to get together with family, eat rich food and be lazy right?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend away!

  8. says

    Lol oh girl. I’m Canadian and I’m totally with you on our lack of Thanksgiving OOMPF. First off, it just comes too early. I love the whole holiday season thing that the Americans got going on… but I guess we gotta do it early in Canada because it just gets so dang cold by November. Gah. Nevertheless, my family still celebrates with a turkey dinner and lots of good food. There’s still ways to make the most of it.

    Oh… and these bites look delicious :)

  9. says

    That recipe looks amazing!

    last year we went over to a friends house for Canadian Thanksgiving. It was in October and a Sunday. She is from Canada, but her husband is in the military and is stationed here in Florida. She doesn’t have any family here so she really wanted to still have a huge Canadian Thanksgiving with all of her closest friends. I most certainly expecting “thanksgiving” type foodies, but nope! We didn’t even have turkey! It was like a mix of all kinds of food including, shrimp, and beef. Oh, and yes they had football on until it was time to eat!

  10. says

    Go you for making best use of your dual citizenship and celebrating Thanksgiving whichever way suits you best! I fall into group c) but I wish we had Thanksgiving over here. Just the whole idea of another weekend spent celebrating with the family in those cold fall months is awesome. I’ll admit I wasn’t quite aware of the difference between American and Canadian Thanksgiving – aside from the dates – until now. Thanks for shedding some light onto it – though I’m sorry Canada disappoints you on that term.

  11. says

    These look so good. I’m just waiting on that food processor..

    I didn’t know Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving in October. I think it’s funny you’re boycotting the whole thing. I have to say I’m probably letter B in those list of options :)

  12. says

    Haha I never knew much about Canadian Thanksgiving, but glad to know I’m not missing much. Thanksgiving is for watching football and the original Home Alone movie (to get you ready for X-mas season). Yams and marshmallows are DEFINITELY a must-have too! Favorite Thanksgiving foods (in order of importance) are: yams/marshmallows, corn pudding, pumpkin pie, cranberry mold (my mom’s recipe), and then turkey.

  13. says

    hehehe! I can’t even imagine Thanksgiving without the traditional foods. In fact, my brother and I are SO about tradition that my mom has tried to do slight variations on our usual menu and we both threw a fit :) I totally understand why you’re boycotting Canadian T-day! Or maybe you should go around doing demos to show canadians the right way to do it? ;) Did you live in America at all while growing up?

  14. says

    These look great! I love that the ingredient list is short and clean, and apples are everywhere this time of year. Walking into any market the smell of the fresh apples makes me want to eat all the apples.

  15. says

    Hahaha I don’t even like football and I still got a good giggle out of that rant :) I’m with you on Trader Joes being one of the best places ever though so I wish you luck on your raid this weekend (word to the wise though stay away from their pumpkin spice tea…. unless you know you like it then by all means drink up… but I thought it was just a pretty tin with a really gross tea inside!)

  16. says

    hahaha any rant about a lack of yams and marshmallows is justified in my world! I mean, if you’re going to do Thanksgiving, you gotta do it right :)

  17. says

    I’m so excited for Thanksgiving! I’m sad that I am not at home to print of DIYs and decorate our house but I’ll still be celebrating over a feast of Turkey, my grandma’s amazing mashed yams, green beans, beets, roasted parsnip, stuffing (though it isn’t my favourite), brownies (because I make the most decadent brownies that appear at every holiday) and of course lots and lots of pies! Is it bad that the appetizers of mini quiches, spinach dip and smoked salmon are also on my list? OH AND baked goods – aka pumpkin everything and gingerbread cookies? We always go apple picking in fall but this year we are also visiting a Pumpkin patch. Usually we take photos because the change in leaves and fall scenery is too hard not to photgraph!

  18. says

    Oh and, personally I think the American Thanksgiving is TOOOO close to Christmas. At least Canada spreads out their holidays! Who said you can’t put marshmallows on yams anyway? Please tell me you’ll at least be celebrating Thanksgiving at a later date – you can’t boycot it completely!!

  19. says

    If you’re going to miss Canada’s Thanksgiving, then you better make your way back down to the States for the American Thanksgiving!! Love that you used cashews in these apple bites….. cashews make everything better!

  20. says

    Haha, hope you have a great weekend Davida! We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but I definitely wouldn’t mind some roast turkey or yams and marshmallows, Can’t believe there is no baking required in this recipe, simply sounds too good to be true!

  21. says

    Cute post! And these look amazing. I celebrate Thanksgiving at the end of November. While I’m more a fan of the sides and desserts of Thanksgiving, I really just like the holiday because it gets family together (most times who I only see once or twice a year for such occasions). My day puts on a great feast and I know it brings him much happiness to see his family enjoy it. Have a great day! :)

  22. says

    Bahaha I love your rant! Growing up close to the border, I have all sorts of love for Canada (actually, I think I would love living there, only the cold keeps me away!), but we definitely rock a mean Thanksgiving down here. The apple pie bites look to die for. I wish I could have apples! Grumble.

  23. says

    I can’t say I disagree – we really don’t know what the hell we’re doing when it comes to Thanksgiving. In fact, mine is actually being delayed a week, so my family REALLY doesn’t know how to do it. Le sigh. Annnd I’ll be jealous of you in Trader Joe’s this weekend!

  24. says

    Whoa! I never knew that Canadian Thanksgiving was in October. Hm… I have some questions about this. What do you do for Turkey Trots? Is that a thing in Canada? Why no sweet potatoes (although I could leave the marshmallows out)? What about pumpkin pie? Stuffing? No football? What kind of Thanksgiving is this!? And how do you do black Friday shopping?

    Okay I actually only really wonder about the Turkey Trots. The rest of that is a joke. While the food and festivities are fun, it’s the thoughtfulness/idea of the day that matters the most to me. No… stuffing matters to me too, but whatever.

  25. says

    Not American or Canadian but I’ll take any excuse to eat excessive amounts of turkey & sweet potato..and pie ;)! Although I think you need to take advantage of your dual nationality and milk both Thanksgivings!!

  26. says

    Marshmallow yams, what? I must be doing Thanksgiving wrong because I never heard of that!

    I know we already talked about HIMYM but Robin makes me love Canada! And you and the fact that an Ai Wei Wei exhibit is in your hood!

    End scene.

  27. says

    Clearly it is YOU who needs to make a cookbook :) I could just sink my teeth into some of these buddies.

    Canadian Thanksgiving sounds… depressing. Haha. What is Thanksgiving without football (even though I don’t like the sport I couldn’t imagine my holidays without talk of football!), some type of sweet potato casserole, and why don’t they know when to celebrate it? How odd.

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to drive to West Virginia to see all of my country cousins. Lol. They would balk if they heard me say that, and I never would :) But I just love sitting down with my dad’s side of the family and listening to all of their stories!

  28. says

    Well, I didn’t know any of those facts regarding Canadian Thanksgivings so thank you for sharing, er venting. :)
    I like Thanksgiving because it means we get to be fat and lazy and that’s what American’s do best! Haha. I kid. We’re not lazy.

    These bites look delicious! Have fun at Trader Joes! :)

  29. says

    Haha, you made me laugh (even though thats probably innaproproate … sorry:) I’m American:) These apple pie bites sound amazing and I love how easy they are! Perfect for snacking! I’m off to go get more dates. Running out of dates is depressing:) Hugs, Mary Frances

  30. says

    Those apple pie bites look tasty!!!
    I love Thanksgiving – sometimes I think I like it more than Christmas because it is more relaxing. This year (as in many past), my younger brother and his family are coming to spend most of the week with us. There will be plenty of food, drink, Wii/XBox, shopping, laughing, working out – it will just be perfect. And then when they leave on Saturday or hopefully not till Sunday, I will spend the rest of of the weekend decorating for Christmas!!
    Hopefully you have plans to be in the US for Thanksgiving!!!

  31. says

    So it’s totally cool that you have duel citizenship!! I back you up 100% on this, and not just because I am American. October is for Halloween, and should NOT have to be shared!! SPACE THAT SHIT OUT! November just oozes Thanksgiving for me and YES the food must be spot on!!

  32. says

    I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving- I love Turkey! I love the simplicity of this recipe- I think I need a food processor, instead of going to Mum’s with ingredients and using hers!

    So jelly of your dual citizenship! ;)

  33. says

    I am in category B! :) I love Thanksgiving. Our tradition is actually the next day. After all the traditional food, we go out to dinner and to the movies the day after. When I lived in Australai I made a whole American Thanksgiving for all my Aussie friends. It was the middle of spring and the turkey was $80 for only 6kilos.

  34. says

    I’m not in category A, B, or C. I am Canadian, but I am not horrified this post. I slightly agree that we are confused on the days, and it just makes for confusion when planning the weekend. I guess it is good that we are still thankful haha.

    These bites look fantastic. It’s always great to have another bites recipe!

  35. says

    Hahah you go girl! I love your mad respect for TJ’s. The feeling is totally mutual. These look like total heaven….can’t wait to whip them up once I get my hands on some TJ’s dried apple rings!! YUM.

  36. says

    I’m a proud Canadian and I found myself laughing at every “beef” you had with our holiday. However, I am incredibly excited to go home and visit with my family this Thanksgiving, moving out has made me more than a little homesick! I think I’ll make these for the bus ride home, something tells me travelling during rush hour will make me hungry!

  37. says

    Your apple pie bites look delicious! Since I’m American, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Since my mom is Italian we don’t do the typical Thanksgiving. We have turkey, but with raviolis, artichoke torta (a family specialty), a veggie dish, focaccia bread, homemade cranberry sauce and salad. For dessert, we always have pumpkin pie and usually an apple dessert, too! Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

    -Melissa @ Fit ‘n’ Well Mommy

  38. says

    Lol…you’re so funny and you’re certainly entitled to vent! I love traditions. My family definitely does the whole turkey deal here in CT, US. However, I’m half Italian so we sometimes ALSO do lasagna. Sooo muuuch foood.
    I need a good healthy snack to counteract that day (and really any other day where I’m not a healthy eater) and this one will do just fine. I love the ingredients! I love that it’s easy! And I love that I don’t have to bake them. Clear winner in my book. :)
    Tina at

  39. says

    So I have a confession….. Other than hanging with family and getting an extra day off, Thanksgiving isn’t a big deal for me. At least not when it comes to the food. I’ll take the mashed potatoes and I do mean all the potatoes, and everybody else can have the rest. Maybe we should swap Thanksgivings.

  40. says

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  41. Courtney says

    Ah these look delicious! Is there anyway that you can make these without a food processor or blender? Could you use a hand mixer?? Probably not… Poor College kid problems… Thanks for the recipe though!!


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