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Last week I announced that I plan to write an ecookbook! This is insane for two reasons: 1) I have no idea what I’m doing and 2) I seriously have no idea what I am doing. I’m probably out of my mind for attempting this, but since my motto for this year has been “if not now, when?” I figure I may as well just jump into the ring.

I thought it might be fun to include you guys in the process mostly because I so appreciate your feedback, but also because if things go according to plan (for the record, I have no plan) then I want you to see that you can do it too.

Every once and a while I will put together a short post on how things are going, what tools I am using, helpful resources and give you guys an opportunity to put in your two cents. I hope you find this fun, and if not I can always just sulk in the corner. Have I mentioned that I’m TERRIFIED?! I mean whaaaat, I got this. Fake it till ya make, am I right?!

Today we’re talking theme. I’ve actually discussed several theme ideas with some of my close friends and was going to ask you guys to help me pick, but none of them really felt right. In going through my recipes for my new Recipe Index (have you checked it out yet???) I noticed I have an obscene amount of recipes for a certain category. However, it was only after talking with a certain fit foodie that I finally realized what I should be doing. SO…

the theme is Healthy breakfast food! I’m assuming none of you are shocked by this. I am obsessed with all things pancakes/waffles/oatmeal/granola/eggs etc…and I basically brunch like it’s my job. I love breakfast food and I especially love hosting people for breakfast or brunch. Ain’t no reason why you can’t feed yourself or a room full of guests healthy breakfast food that is also delicious.

I’ve already begun shooting and had a near meltdown over cinnamon rolls this weekend (third time’s a charm!) but despite my anxieties and occasional frustrations, I’ve never been more excited to tackle a mission. Plus I’ll be eating an insane amount of breakfast food over the next few months, so I certainly cannot complain!

cinnamon rolls In discussing ideas with Lee and and C I’ve run into one major problem. I HATE bacon. I don’t like the taste and the smell is nauseating to me (I know, please don’t judge) but according to them I can’t do a cookbook with breakfast food and not include bacon in some shape or form. So now I am asking YOU, do I need to suck it up and start cooking some bacon or can I pull off a breakfast cookbook sans bacon?

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I hope you guys vote yes…

Stay tuned for more ebook updates or stalk my Instagram where you’ll get a behind the scenes peak at some of the recipes I’m including!

Thoughts on breakfast food? Am I crazy for not liking bacon?


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    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who said yes it was ok to have no bacon! I realize I’m basically the worst person to ask about this, but bacon is gross. People always ask me how I can be vegetarian because “what about bacon??” Ugh, BARF. I didn’t eat bacon back when I ate meat. Ever. And the smell makes me want to die. Sorry for that rant it’s just so few people can relate! :) Love the idea for the theme and it’s clearly one of your strengths! Plus working in a food area you love will make the entire process more fun I’m sure. Plus, I feel like of all the meals, people get the most stuck in a rut when it comes to breakfast.
    Kim @ BusyBod recently posted…Choose your yoga

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    Answering the question in two parts: Yes, perfectly fine. And – second part before you or anybody else rolls their eyes thinking this was an obvious answer coming from a vegetarian – here’s why: it’s YOUR cookbook. So yes, while I understand the neccessity to cater your readers with the content – I’ve had to write enthusiastic articles about things I didn’t care about before, too – you don’t really want to feel -this- close to puking while recipe-testing, no?! Why not have C chime in – which I’m sure he’ll do in anyway – and add notes to those recipe he suggests would benefit from some bacon served up on the side or thrown in??
    Just don’t ever even think about publishing this e-book without a single oatmeal recipe. Because then, yes, I’d totally declare you crazy. Bonus points if it includes oat bran.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Good good links #34

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    Yes bitch, you’re crazy for not liking bacon. Not even a good quality non-factory bacon? WHAT. Although, I will say that I don’t eat it all the time because I find it really hard to digest! It just sits in my stomach for 4 days being salty and smokey and it makes me feel weird.

    An e-cook book? YES! I’m so excited. I knew it was only a matter of time…

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    i love breakfast foods; the other day i had scrambled eggs for dinner. i also love bacon but i only eat it once in a while. is it all bacon that you don’t like? or just the fatty strips? because peameal bacon is good and “healthier”; it’s like ham so maybe you can use that instead?
    kathy@vodka and soda recently posted…Picture Practice – Person

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    I would love to hear updates on how the book is going! I’m planning on writing one too (but geez, where do I even start?!?) eventually so I can totally sympathize on how overwhelming is must be to get everything put together! LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of an eBook about healthy breakfast options though! So useful and you get to eat delicious breakfast food 24/7 :D.

    While I do love me some bacon, I don’t think it’s necessary at all!
    Christine@ Apple of My Eye recently posted…MIMM: Work, Recipes, & Exciting New Purchases!

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    Ahhh I’m so excited about this theme! Breakfast is my absolute favourite (all day, er’ day). I love me some bacon once in awhile (usually turkey). But I rarely cook with it so I think you’re good to go without it. Also, I’m a pretty big sucker for cinnamon rolls so I can’t wait for that recipe (even though that plate of your failed batch is looking not too shabby).
    Lindsay @ Shiny Love Affair recently posted…Half Marathon Training Update: Weeks 2-6

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    No – you are not crazy for not liking bacon – I am not a huge fan of it either – but I do love me some breakfast foods! What a heck of an awesome theme idea! I think you should find a breakfast dish to include your coconut frosting in too…at least that’s my two cents!
    Shashi recently posted…Mystery Pancakes!

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    Healthy breakfast food is a super cool theme and I am so happy that you are sharing your exciting travels in e-book world! Who knows who of our crazy food-blogger-gang will be next ;)

    Regarding the bacon-situation: though I do enjoy some good bacon here and there, I don’t count it among the breakfast essentials and I don’t see why a health-focused breakfast cookbook needs to feature our favorite greasy little sin – who loves it knows how to prepare it. It’s not an art.
    Ksenija @ With An Open Mind recently posted…Open Mind Weekly {14+15/14}

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    so so exciting davs! can’t wait to learn more about this journey!!! I am not the biggest fan of bacon, while yes i have it time to time but i don’t necessarily need it nor do some breakfasts?!

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    What about incorporating that vegan bacon (coconut flakes with flavoring)? That might be a fun way around it but still give people the ‘bacon’ option for a specific recipe! I’m imagining a stacked breakfast waffle with a sunny side up egg and coconut bacon and avocado crema. You can credit me with that imagination ;) xoxo can’t wait follow along in this process! It’s inspiring!
    Marisa @ Uproot from Oregon recently posted…How To: Small Batch Cream Cheese Frosting and Chocolate Cupcake Decorations

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    I think you could do some dishes and say something like this would pair well with your favorite sides like bacon or biscuits or something like that. That way you aren’t totally leaving it out but you don’t have to cook with it. To me, bacon is the side show not the main event.

    I’m so excited for your ecookbook!!!!
    FitBritt@MyOwnBalance recently posted…New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

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    Congrats on doing an e-book, that’s so exciting!!! :D
    I really don’t know how you can not like bacon, but we’re all different & that’s what makes the world go round, right? Right. Being different is good. I’m excited to see a book full of delicious breakfast food though, yum!!
    Karey @ Nutty About Health recently posted…MIMM: Biggest Supporter

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    Many of my friends are crazy about bacon, but I don’t get them. Bacon tastes so strong that it overpowers all the other food on the plate. I say stick to your guns (and your tastebuds) about going sans bacon. Besides, think about all the bacon dishes you won’t have to try during the recipe development stage! Love the updates on your book!
    Lisa recently posted…Pumpkin Pie Butter Cups

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    YAY!! You know, my biggest feat with eating is grabbing b-fast in the morning. I try to be healthy but it usually is whatever fits in my time crunch. So excited for you and YES bacon is necessary in at least one recipe. :) :) :) :) :)

    So so so proud of you Davida and I can not wait to see the final product.
    Tara recently posted…Vamos Gigantes

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    I’m also a huge fan of breakfast food. I never used to eat breakfast because the though of eating in the morning made me sick but once I finally trained my body to eat in the AM it was a full blown love affair with any and all breakfast foods. I’m super excited for your e-book, and you can definitely skip a bacon recipe. Can’t say I’ve ever seen an anti bacon breakfast book so yours could be the first one :) It’s original.

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    Yay so excited to see all of your breakfast foods! At first I was thinking, ehhh maybe you should include a couple of recipes but Davida….this is all you! It’s your book….you do what YOU want to do! I know you have a million and one different recipes, it’s not like it would be one big book of…pancakes…or something (although that sounds wonderful), but there will be plenty of variety without the bacon. You do you, Davs :)

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    I love bacon, but this is your cookbook, and you get to choose whether or not there is bacon (though I think the poll within the post is pretty cool – if you are techy enough to pull that off, you’ve totally got this ebook thing!) I cannot wait to hear updates about what you are learning and baking!
    Mary Frances recently posted…How I Moved From Blogger To WordPress Part 3

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    You know I’m on board for a cookbook based entirely on breakfasts foods — it’s my favourite meal of the day and I could easily eat it ALL day. And your new recipe page is looking great, lady. Please start hounding me to start working on mine… Please?
    Amanda @ .running with spoons. recently posted…. link love 4/13 .

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    Your theme is perfect for you! You know what my answer was on the bacon question ;-)

    One of my favorite professors in college used to say, “Fake it til you feel it” and I constantly think of the phrase. So, even if you feel like you’re totally unorganized with no idea what you’re doing, fake it and act like you know what the hell you’re doing until you actually do know what the hell you’re doing. Got that?!
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness recently posted…Random Weekend Ramblings

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    You know I’m a vegetarian right? And even I say you need bacon in a breakfast world. Honestly if I were to go back to meat, it’d really be for bacon.
    That being said, you write whatever the heck you want. If bacon isn’t your thing, you should probably skip it. Do the foods you love, the way you want and your passion will come through.

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    I love all-things breakfast! Bacon’s a winner in my book, but I can understand you not liking it. Maybe try using it in small amounts in a few recipes? And so you don’t have to be the taste-tester, you could invite any bacon-loving friends over and try out all your those recipes on them.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted…A Very ‘Us’ {Anniversary} Weekend

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    This is awesome! I miss your post regarding your plans, so I’m just hearing this now. How brave and amazing of you to tackle an ebook. Such a great choice with the breakfast food. I know if I was to spend an enormous amount of time cooking and preparing food, breakfast would be my choice as well!
    As for bacon, it’s your book! Do what you want! I think as long as you had a few “meat” recipes of some sort, then that’s plenty.
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted…Body After Baby: Getting Back In Shape

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    oh how I LOVE bacon!!!! I don’t buy it often thought because I could literally make a whole package and eat it in one sitting and that would not be good :) I guess as long as you have some forms of breakfast meat in the ebook it will be ok!

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    Ok, so coming from someone who LOVES bacon but cannot, I repeat CANNOT cook it without gagging, I say you most definitely can do this sans bacon! Plus, I’m sure those cinnamon rolls will help other bacon lovers to forgive your (minor) breakfast transgression! ;)
    Heather @ Kiss My Broccoli recently posted…Marvelously MY Way!


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