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Caprese Turkey Burgers

March 21, 2014

Remind me never to hate on Harry Potter again…Yesterday’s post apparently enraged all of Hogwarts. I slept with one eye open thinking all of you might come after me.

Let’s make-up over burgers instead?! I’ll throw in some sweet potato fries on the side just for good measure. You’ll have to head over to my girl Nosh and Nourish for the recipe. Kel is working on a cookbook so I thought I’d help her out a bit by stepping into her blogging shoes for the day. When that cookbook is published you better bet I’ll be the first person in stores to buy it!

Once you’re done oggling over the deliciousness that is healthy burger meets Italian salad, check out the rest of Kel’s recipes (highly recommend her Banana Nut Muffins which are awesome!). This lady is a total stud.

caprese turkey burgers 1


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