Episode #22: Robyn Nohling from The Real Life RD + How To Find Your Set Point

June 7, 2017

*Editor’s note: We recorded this the day before C proposed so it’s kind of hilarious to listen to our conversations about weddings. I just wanted to add this in in case you’re confused when I mention that I’m not getting married!

When I asked you guys at the end of season #1 for feedback on the show and future guests, there was an overwhelming amount of comments asking to bring Robyn from The Real Life RD onto the show. Coincidentally, she’s also someone who I’ve been wanting to interview (or more accurately – pick her brain!) and fortunately scheduling worked out and I’m super excited about what we’re sharing today.

If you’re unfamiliar with Robyn, she’s an RD and recent NP and has a thriving nutrition practice over at Nutshell Nutrition and her incredibly successful blog, The Real Life RD. She shares aspects of her life, nutrition advice and is just overall a voice of reason in a community that can fall on both extremes. She is also someone who I deeply admire and look up to.

On episode #22 of That's So Maven, we're chatting with Robyn Nohling from The Real Life RD about intuitive eating, finding your set point and how stop living for those "last 5 pounds"

She recently wrote a blog post on finding your set-point and I knew this was something I wanted to jump into on the show. Robyn is the perfect guest to explain this, both from her extensive experience working with clients, but also her clinical background, which allows her to explain the scientific side of how our bodies find their set-point.

I geeked out so hard on this episode I actually listened to it twice. In addition to also hearing it the first time we recorded!

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Robyn’s story and how she became both an RD and NP
  • How she manages her nursing career, her blog and her nutrition practice
  • What it means to find your “set-point” and how to finally accept it
  • Signs that your body may not be at its set-point
  • Amenorrhea and what to do if you aren’t getting your period
  • Stress and the impact it has on our weight and hormones
  • What it really means to be an “intuitive eater”
  • Tips for brides who feel they need to lose weight for their wedding
  • The one health-habit she can’t live without

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What questions do you have for Robyn? Are you struggling with finding your set-point?


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  • Reply
    Cassie Autumn Tran
    October 23, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    I cannot wait to listen to this podcast! I am really fascinated by finding your set point and balance in your healthy lifestyle.

  • Reply
    June 16, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Ahhhh this episode was soooo good, ladies!! It felt like a phone conversation between you two and I was just a fly on the wall between two girlfriends having a heart to heart. Love this stuff! xo

  • Reply
    Emma D'Alessandro
    June 10, 2017 at 3:18 pm

    Love this! Always was irregular with my cycle and was told I would just need to have fertility treatment when I want to have kids. No one tried to figure out why until I went to my naturopath and found out I typically didn’t eat enough fat in a plant-based diet and added slow movements back into my exercise routine!

    I love the piece about the bridal culture! When I got married last summer I was asked if I was going to wear Spanx and my initial reaction was HELLLL NO. I had an open backed dress (was never a fan of my broad back and scars from skin issues) but loved a dress that happen to have these characteristics. I was in 2 weddings + my bachelorette party 1 month up to my wedding so there was lots of partying. Having fun and keeping active, which keeps me mentally sane kept me the same size and feeling amazing in my dress on our big day. I love my wedding photos, ones where I look like I have a belly, back flub, or perfectly posed!

  • Reply
    Amanda - Foodborne Wellness
    June 8, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Thanks for the awesome messages about the bridal industry, and our diet culture. So important, and this definitely resonates with me as a bride-to-be. I love hearing more and more body positive messages on the internet. This is how change is initiated. Keep doing your thing, ladies!

  • Reply
    Juliette | Namastay Traveling
    June 7, 2017 at 6:37 am

    I”m so interested on learning more about how people balance their career with blogging, especially as one as investing as a RN! Thank you of sharing!

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