Episode #24: Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate

June 21, 2017

People have asked me where I find such interesting guests to come on the show, and the truth is that I often discover them in really unique ways. Today’s guest, Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate is the perfect example of that.

On episode #24 of That's So Maven, we're chatting with Daniel Klein from The Perennial Plate about sustainable eating, if organic really matters and how to make more eco-conscious food choices.

I found out about Daniel and Mira from TPP through a barista at one of the coffee shops I frequented in Toronto. We got onto the topic of food bloggers/videographers and she told me I had to check out TPP. I immediately went and mooched off their wifi to indulge in all of their videos. Once you see one of them, you will understand why.

I knew once I launched the podcast that I wanted to have them on the show to chat more about sustainable food, the various food cultures they’ve been able to explore around the world. And what’s it like to be producing so much video content. What I got in return was so much more.

On today’s episode we discuss:

  • Daniel’s story and how he and his wife launched TPP
  • What sparked the first season of perennial plate and the four seasons after
  • Why he choose to explore food sustainability through film
  • What does sustainable and local eating actually mean?
  • Should we be concerned with our meat consumption?
  • Does organic really matter and what should you buy organic?
  • Their decision to shift their focus to food in immigrant families and why they chose to pivot
  • How the show has influenced Daniel’s cooking for himself and his family

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What questions do you have for Daniel? What does sustainable food mean to you?


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    July 30, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Good stuff I was wondering what the go was with all the hubbub around organic foods

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