Episode #53: Kiara LeBlanc from Saje Wellness on How To Pick The Right Essential Oils For You

March 14, 2018

I think there will be no surprises here that we have a second episode dedicated to my absolute favorite company, Saje Wellness! Last year, we featured the co-founder of Saje, John-Pierre LeBlanc (episode #29) and on today’s episode we have his daughter, Kiara LeBlanc. Kiara is the Creative Director of Saje Wellness and the mastermind behind their gorgeous branding. If you’ve ever been into a Saje store you know what I’m talking about…

Quote from episode 53 of the that's so maven podcast with Kiara LeBlanc from Saje Wellness

On today’s episode I wanted to get deep with Kiara about what it was like to grow up within Saje Wellness (she was 2 when they started the company) and how essential oils have impacted her life. I also wanted to learn more about the vision behind Saje Wellness and why they chose to take such a unique approach toward essential oil sales.

Here are a few other things we covered in today’s episode:

  • Kiara’s journey and how she ended up working as creative director of Saje Wellness
  • What it was like growing up with Saje and how she felt different from other kids
  • Her career transition and moving from her acting career to working for Saje
  • Their vision behind Saje and how they took Saje more mainstream
  • What it’s like working with her parents and how her role has evolved
  • What makes Saje different from other essential oil companies out there
  • What makes an essential oil “quality”
  • Why essential oils are so individualized and how to maximize their adaptogenic properties
  • The one health habit she can’t live without

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What questions do you have for Kiara? Have you been to Saje Wellness? If not, GO!


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