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10 Journal Prompts for February

February 2, 2020

Happy February! For some reason I’ve always loved February. It’s past the chaos of the New Year and into the normal rhythms of life. February is often deemed as the month of love but whether you’re in a relationship or single, I love the focus on love! Here are some journal prompts to reflect on the love for yourself and the relationships in your life…Let’s jump in.

Self-Love Journal Prompts

  1. What do you love about yourself?
  2. Make a list of 10 things that make you smile.
  3. Describe a time that you felt really proud of yourself.
  4. Are you critical? List the the ways you are too hard on yourself.
  5. Think about the relationships in your life – which are life giving, uplifting, positive in your life? 
  6. Which relationships are soul sucking, exhausting, draining in your life?
  7. I feel happiest in my skin when…
  8. I feel most confident when…
  9. How have you cared for yourself today/this week/this year?
  10. In what ways can you make yourself a priority today/this week/this year? 

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