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{VIDEO} ASK ME ANYTHING – Did I Just Go Vegan?

October 27, 2015

There are some major things in my life that give me anxiety, with my inbox definitely being at the top of that list. I absolutely love hearing from you guys, brands and my beloved spammers asking for 1 million dollars to help them escape from blank dictatorship, but there’s only one of me and a lot of you so I can’t make any promises when it comes to responding, let alone responding within a reasonable timeline.

And while I really really do love connecting, emails unfortunately get lost in the shuffle, especially when they’re the same 5 questions being asked again and again.

So I thought I would answer your questions in video form so I can guarantee everyone gets answered 🙂 Then I put it out to you on social media and hopefully answered most of your questions there before putting you to sleep.

If you enjoy this video, I’d love to hear what questions you have for another one. And if it’s really just the same 5 questions people want the answer to, feel free to tell me to shut up.

Ask away!


QUESTION 1: Who Eats All That Food? (1:26)

QUESTION 2: What Do I Eat In A Day? (2:02)

QUESTION 3: Do I Eat Healthy All The Time? (2:25)

QUESTION 4: What Do You Recommend For Gluten-Free Flour? (3:21)

QUESTION 5: I Want To Start A Blog. Where Do I Start? (4:13)

QUESTION 6: Are You Becoming Vegan? (5:12)

QUESTION 7: Why Don’t You Post The Nutrition Profile With Recipes? (5:47)

QUESTION 8: How Do You Make a Healthy Lifestyle Permanent? (7:27)

QUESTION 9: What Does Your Exercise Regimen Look Like? (9:13)

QUESTION 10: If I Could Only Eat One Food For The Rest Of My Life, What Would It Be? (11:06)

QUESTION 11: When Did I Know It Was Time To Take The Leap And Run The Blog Full-Time? (11:58)

QUESTION 12: What Are The Top Healthy Foods I Won’t Go Near? (13:44)


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  • Reply
    October 27, 2015 at 8:55 am

    I personally love that you are following your own plan and not obsessing over macros and focusing on doing what makes you feel your best. I am specifically not weighing myself or looking at numbers because I do want my focus to come off of what size jeans I am wearing or what the scale says. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

    • Reply
      Davida Kugelmass
      October 27, 2015 at 10:01 am

      Thanks for supporting me! I want every person to do their own thing and find what works for them. No one size fits all 🙂

  • Reply
    Julia @ The Domestic Blonde
    October 27, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Haha OMG as I was watching this video, I was eating a Snickers bar. I almost choked when you mentioned them! And yes it’s 10:30 a.m.

    It was awesome meeting you and so many healthy food bloggers at FBC2015! I am definitely inspired to eat better now. Wish me luck and can’t wait to keep following your blog!

    • Reply
      Davida Kugelmass
      October 27, 2015 at 11:03 am

      bahahahahha you mean me, Sam and Lisa didn’t turn you vegan at FBC?! So fun to meet you and can’t wait to get my green juice powers all over you. Just kidding! I am however looking forward to connecting more 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, lady!

  • Reply
    Cassie @ Almost Getting it Together
    October 27, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    I love your videos! Miss youuuu. The blooper at the beginning may have been my fave. xoxo

    • Reply
      Davida Kugelmass
      October 28, 2015 at 1:21 pm

      hahahaha it was hard to choose the bloopers with this one….15 mins of me talking means I say way too many inappropriate things!

  • Reply
    Stella @ Stellicious Life
    October 27, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    I really enjoy these videos of yours Davida 🙂

    I was especially happy to hear your thoughts about the nutritional facts and numbers: I’ve seen it at so many blogs and was wondering if people would miss it from my recipes, but since counting calories never played a role in what I eat, but rather the general “healthiness” and “wholesomeness”, just like you I wouldn’t find it true to myself, since I don’t consider them what eating and health choices should be based on.

    Also thanks for the tip, I never tried baked cauliflower with tahini, but after your praise I’m curious: since I love both cauliflower and tahini separately, then why not combine them? Got a great recpe I could try? 😉

    ps. And Rhett is still just so adorable and cuddly! 😀

    ps2: And looking forward to your what do you eat in a day video.

    ps3: I would also love to learn more about your trainings of choice and what your moving every day means: just walking 20 mins with Rhett or something more intense and gym-like?

    ps4: Another question I just had: How did you convert Curt to healthy foods? Or was he health conscious even before you? I’m asking because we are in progress with Boyfriend and I’m curious for any insight or suggestion 🙂 Thank you! Ok, now I’ll finish for good. (Well for this time 😉

  • Reply
    Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine
    October 27, 2015 at 3:59 pm

    Loved this Davida! Keep the videos coming!

  • Reply
    October 27, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    Thanks for answering my question, Davida! Haha, avocados is a good one. And the cauliflower with tahini–I love how random it is! And it sounds tasty to me, so why not? I think my one ingredient I could eat for the rest of my life would be peanut butter. Cliche, I know…but it’s true.

    • Reply
      Davida Kugelmass
      October 28, 2015 at 12:43 pm

      I think peanut butter is SO worthy of your one ingredient!

  • Reply
    Emilie @ Emilie Eats
    October 27, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    So convinced we are almost the same person! Thanks for the video, loved it–as always!

    • Reply
      Davida Kugelmass
      October 28, 2015 at 1:23 pm

      That very well may be a possibility 🙂 I’ve always wanted a twin!

  • Reply
    Jen @ Chase the Red Grape
    October 27, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    I adore steamed kale with tahini drizzled over the top… It’s crazy how obsessed I am about it actually… I could honestly eat it every day!

    • Reply
      Davida Kugelmass
      October 28, 2015 at 1:20 pm

      I need to try my tahini drizzle over kale! Great idea 🙂

  • Reply
    December 15, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    Oh man… I wish I had something smart or encouraging to say that would help you right now. How about if I just let you know you'll be in my thoughts and prayers..

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