Weekend Recap 03/22-03/24

March 25, 2013
Friday staring out right (ripe) with the most perfect looking avocado! It tasted just as glorious as it looked.
A visit to my go-to restaurant Safari Bar and Grill. For some crazy reason I was not in the mood for the Safari Burger or the Tribal Salad and instead was having a serious craving for fish. Seabream with grapefruit salsa and lemon potatoes was everything I hoped it would be. 
Sooooo I wasn’t in top form Saturday morning after a night of celebrating a close friend’s birthday. Some greasy spoon eats were definitely in order. The Chick-A-Dilla eggs (sans burrito) from Boom totally hit the spot.
Is this not the cutest thing ever? C and I playing with my best friends Wheaton puppy on Saturday. This was after a scrumptious dinner at Cantine. I got the shrimp curry which of course I forgot to take a picture of!
Sunday morning baking experiments. Coconut waffles! These were insanely delicious. Recipe to come this week.
Topping off an incredible weekend with a hearty meal. The fish cravings seemed to persist through the weekend. Hoisin glazed Tilapia, wild rice (shout out to Minnesota!) and some roasted asparagus. 

As corny as it sounds this was a weekend that filled my belly and my heart 🙂 Plenty of delicious food made by others and homemade. More importantly I was able to share many of these meals with the ones I love. Passover starts tomorrow so I’m sure the festivities will continue into the week. I’m so excited!

How was your weekend? Any stand-out meals? How about some new memories? 


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