Weekend Recap 06/07-06/09

June 10, 2013

I am a little depressed that the weekend is over. It was almost too good to be true! I’ve spent the last few hours baking up some delicious treats and then got in a killer workout. I pseudo-ran today which is super exciting!!! Well I did an interval run-walk where I ran for 1 min and then walked for 2 mins. I am very clearly out of shape and not entirely sure I am healed but it felt good to move. How I feel tomorrow will really tell if my body has finally begun to heal. I’m pretty exhausted after so much activity that I’m just about ready to pass out, but not without doing a quick recap of this weekend’s shenanigans….

I joined a yoga studio! Before going out on Friday night I snuck in a quick power yoga sesh at Kula Yoga in the Annex. The class was amazing and on Sunday they had a special deal where they extended their 30 days for $30 dollars to 45 days! I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I’m really excited to try out all of their awesome classes.
Saturday morning I ventured out with C and a couple of friends to start tackling my list of brunch restaurants in Toronto. Since Aunties & Uncles was within walking distance we figured we should probably start there. I wasn’t blown away by the meal (there wasn’t much I could eat and ended up with yogurt and granola) but apparently their banana oatmeal pancakes are bomb. Oh well, glad I could say I went!
Saturday night we were all pretty exhausted and craving a girls night in. My friends are incredible chefs (and just awesome people!) so we all worked together to make pizza night. Since I couldn’t eat the crust I ended up making a deconstructed pizza salad on spinach. It was really good! With a side of red wine and some dessert froyo (covered in sprinkles of course), I was a happy girl.
I woke up Sunday morning feeling weirdly refreshed at the ungodly hour of 7:30 am. I was pretty hungry so I ran out for a Simply Whey Apple Cinnamon Bar (I love these!) and ended up being sucked in by Aroma for an iced coffee. Now I have not had coffee in a few months now (I found it suddenly started making me jumpy) so I was literally bouncing off the walls all morning. Since I couldn’t sit still it was absolutely necessary I whip up a batch of blueberry pancakes. These were NOT gluten-free or vegan but they were whole wheat! I got positive feedback so if you want the recipe just post a comment 🙂
It was a gorgeous day out and there was a street fair happening on Bloor street just a few steps from C’s house. We ventured out for a nice stroll before I made my way home to hit the kitchen. We’ve had pretty terrible weather here lately so I was thrilled to get my fix of Vitamin D. Sunshine please stay!!!!
Now it’s time for some necessary ME time. Trying to get better at relaxing and staying put for more than 5 seconds. I’m ready to hit the couch and catch up on The Bachelorette. I have some really exciting things happening on the blog this week so be sure to stay tuned!
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How was your weekend? Has the weather been terrible for you too?


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    June 10, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    I joined Kula yesterday … lets go tomorrow!! Just had some of the cookies you dropped off last night with my lunch … delicious!! xx

    • Reply
      Davida @TheHealthyMaven
      June 14, 2013 at 5:33 pm

      Kula date soon love! And more cookies as a treat for being active 🙂

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