Weekend Recap 04/26-04/28

April 29, 2013

What a weekend! Boy am I exhausted. I’ll be honest, for the first time ever I am actually not in the mood to blog. It’s seeming particularly effortful at the moment when all I really want to be doing is crashing on the couch watching mad men. Turns out you can do both…and I’m icing my leg. Serious multitasking right here. That seemed to be the name of the game all weekend long. So many things happening (all of which were wonderful don’t get me wrong) but it felt pretty non-stop. The storm has officially arrived but fortunately most of the events of the next few weeks I am very much looking forward to. Besides multitasking, the theme of this weekend seemed to be leftovers. Or rather re-purposing leftovers. Some strange (but epically delicious) eats ensued.

Friday night started off on the best foot. A friend and I learned to make chocolate! Chocosol has been hosting a few chocolate-making workshops over the last few weeks. I learned SO much. I plan to do a more detailed post on my experience so I won’t give too much away. Let’s just say I left there in a chocolate coma. Also please don’t make fun of the goofy hats they made us wear 🙂

Saturday morning C came to town. I didn’t have any time to do a grocery shop before he got here so we had to make do with whatever was in the fridge for our Saturday brunch. The results? Huevos Rancheros! We used slices of the homemade hearty bread (I promise to post the recipe soon!!!) topped with an over easy egg and leftovers from the Mexican Fiesta Bowl I had made earlier this week. Instead of sweet potato I used roasted corn and I slow-cooked the shredded chicken in cholula sauce for a couple of hours which made it extra juicy. Serious yum!
Saturday was spent running around doing errands (none of which would be interesting to you) so we were more than happy to sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal and a glass (or bottle) of wine. C was the grill-master for us and he did a wonderful job grilling an assortment of veggies and salmon which I had marinated in a hoisin sauce concoction. We snacked on some bruschetta on gluten-free baguette while we cooked. The real treat though? Homemade chocolate chip cookies and almond milk. I used the Oh She Glows recipe for the almond milk, which is divine and made up the recipe for the cookies. Still working on perfecting them before I post anything. But I think I’m getting pretty close!

Sunday morning I was craving banana bread but I knew we shouldn’t get too full before the gluten-free garage expo we were heading to later. I ended up making a banana baked oatmeal dish and used the leftover almond pulp from the almond milk to add more flavour and fiber. It was so moist and totally hit the spot. We topped it with some walnut butter and chia seeds. I saved a little space for the madness that was to come…

The gluten-free garage was insanity! So many people, booths, and TASTERS! I can’t even begin to describe all the goodness so I will just tell you what I bought. Some chips and salsa from Neal Brothers Foods,  GF spring rolls and dip from Saigon Soul Food and some hamburger buns from Udi’s. Everything at the Bunner’s table looked amazing and if we weren’t heading to lunch right after I probably would have demolished the table.
From there we went to meet up with some close friends of ours at Grapefruit Moon. I wasn’t kidding when I said we were non-stop on the go. I forgot to take a pic of my food but after eating so much at the GFG I was perfectly content with a standard egg breakfast with a few slices of tempeh bacon. Nothing fancy but being able to sit out on a patio in the gorgeous weather with some great company was the real treat.

After a quick gym session we came home and started prepping for dinner. We had leftover veggie burgers from this week on the GF buns I got from Udi’s. On the side we had an everything but the kitchen-sink salad. Spinach, strawberries, avocado, almonds and a poppyseed dressing made with greek yogurt. The salad actually turned out very well.

The rest of the night will be spent consuming whatever chocolate chip cookies are leftover and far too much chocolate from chocosol. I’m thinking I need a detox. I plan on picking up the ingredients to make Sarah’s Detoxifying Juice this week. My body is craving this goodness! But for now I’m happy to have finished this post and also be able to look back on what a wonderful albeit hectic weekend it was!

Tell me about your weekend! Also, how do you feel about leftovers? Love em’ or hate em’? Any strange but good combinations to come out of your leftovers?


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    Sarah Ohm
    April 29, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    What is this Gluten Free Garage!? Can we go!?!?

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