What Is a CSA and 5 Reasons To Get One

What is a CSA? What is the CSA Meaning? There’s so many questions to answer when it comes to produce and the best way to get in your fruits and veggies. Today’s post explores the meaning of CSAs and how to find the right choice for your family. One of the best parts about moving to California was having access to fresh, local produce year-round. Of course, I know this is an incredible privilege and having spent 27 winters on the East Coast, it’s certainly not something I take for granted. But here’s the thing, even if you live in a place that experiences some pretty brutal winters, there is always a way for you to support your local agricultural producers and farmers. When there’s a will, there’s a way! In Toronto, we’d shop at Farmer’s Markets from April to October or get a CSA delivered when we weren’t deep in the travel grind. And now that we’re here in San Francisco, we’re able to expand this support year round. And guess what? So can you! I get this question a lot so I thought I’d address it in a video + post. So today I’m answering the question what … Continue reading What Is a CSA and 5 Reasons To Get One