No-Bake Morning Glory Breakfast Cookies

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  1. In a large bowl combine oats, protein powder, chia seeds, cinnamon and sea salt.
  2. Add in carrot and apple.
  3. In a separate bowl combine almond butter, brown rice syrup and banana.
  4. Add to dry mixture and stir to combine.
  5. Slowly add in almond milk until a dry but slightly sticky texture is reached.
  6. Stir in walnuts and raisins.
  7. Use a large cookie cutter or your hands to form “batter” into 10 large cookies and place on a cookie sheet.
  8. Store in freezer for 20 minutes to harden.
  9. Remove from freezer and store in fridge for up to 2 weeks or in freezer for several months.

*You can try to substitute brown-rice syrup with honey or maple syrup, but do so at your own risk. Neither are as sticky as brown-rice syup so the cookies may not hold together very well.