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  • Just hanging around waiting for a new @lordemusic album to drop...HBU?
Photo taken in March from our trip to NZ...maybe one day I’ll share the story about that time when we were halfway across the world in a global pandemic😬
  • If I’m being completely honest, I feel a little stuck around here and not entirely certain what role I play on this platform. I’m not particularly interested in sharing the day-to-day life moments and I’m also not interested in being an influencer and convincing you to buy product xyz. I love blogging. I love taking my life experiences behind-the-scenes and translating that into helpful resources for you. But this platform feels so personal and truthfully the exposure of it scares me. I see its value and recognize the privilege of having a platform but my real, honest truth is that I feel stuck every time I open this app. I wish I had a perfect little bow to wrap around this post with some profound words of wisdom, but I’ve got nothing. Other than this: wear a mask. Sensing I’m not the only one feeling a little lost right now...
  • Wise words from Rumi. Other Rumi looking cute✌️
  • Hey guys! It's been forever since I posted a new video...but I thought I would share some of my latest clean beauty finds using only Black-owned clean beauty brands. Some really awesome discoveries. Enjoy!

BLOG POST: https://www.thehealthymaven.com/black-owned-clean-beauty-brands/


Foundation: @range_beauty (mixed coconut milk + villa)

Bronzer: @luvandcobeauty Loose Mineral Pigment (in Trust)

Highlighter: @luvandcobeauty Cream Highligher

Brows: @mentedcosmetics High Brown Pencil (in Medium Brown)

Eyeshadow: @lovinahskincare Eye Magic Palette

Eyeliner: @lovinahskincare Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara: @luvandcobeauty Natural Mascara

Lips: @mentedcosmetics Matte Duos (in Nude Lala)
  • Rumi aka Squeakers at 12 weeks! Hope these can bring you a little dose of happiness today💕
  • BLACK-OWNED CLEAN BEAUTY BRANDS // I’m not gonna lie, in researching for this post I was both excited and disheartened. Excited by how many incredible Black-owned clean brands are out there, but also disheartened by how few of them are carried by the more popular clean beauty stores. This needs to change.
Obviously buying from Black-owned companies doesn’t dismantle systemic racism in this country, but being mindful with where you are putting your money and your financial support is one place to start.
Linking the blog post in my bio to over 25 Black-owned clean beauty brands. I put in a huge order last week and I’m excited to share more. #cleanbeauty #blackowned #blackownedcleanbeauty
  • JUSTICE FOR BREONNA! What were you worried about when you were 27? I’m guessing you had no fear that 3 police officers would use a battering ram to break into your home and shoot over 20 rounds of bullets with 8 of them hitting and killing you for absolutely no reason. These officers have not been held accountable for their actions. Breonna would have been 27 years old today and had a promising career as an EMT. She deserves justice for the future that was stolen from her. Click the link in my bio to sign the petition to bring justice to the officers that murdered her and put an end to the actions that allowed this to happen.
  • It’s time for change. #blacklivesmatter 
PC: @blessthemessy Link in stories for organizations to support.
  • Happy anniversary to the guy who will literally take the shirt (or coat) off his back for me. Two years of marriage and 9 years of loving and being loved by you. Grateful to have you by my side every single day. 📷: @sierraashleighphotography
  • 30 years ago today this guy was born and all of us (animals included!) are better for it💕 To know Curt is to love Curt so let’s all wish him a very happy birthday! He’ll be spending it exactly as expected: with his dogs dreaming about his future ranch🤣 We love you C! Happy birthday @classiccurt! First photo taken at a pre-Covid wedding.
  • Meet Rumi💕