Episode #104: Paula Mallis on What Happens During Pregnancy + The 4th Trimester

May 8, 2019

On Episode 3 of the women’s health series I’m chatting with Paula Mallis a birth doula and the founder of WMN Space all about what happens during pregnancy and what changes to expect in your body. We’re also discussing the 4th trimester and why women need to not just be preparing for birth but for the transition that comes after giving birth. Pregnancy tends to be a time when women focus on what their bodies CAN’T do instead of focusing on what they CAN do. Today’s episode breaks down this special time and why pregnancy is meant to be embraced, not feared.

On Episode #104 of the podcast, Davida is chatting with Paula Mallis all about pregnancy and how to prepare for the fourth trimester, placenta deliver + so much more!

We are also discussing:

  • Paula’s story and how she became a birth doula
  • Paula’s own birth stories with her children
  • The three pregnancy trimesters and what they look like
  • The fourth trimester and why it’s important
  • Birth options and why one woman might embrace one over another
  • The placenta birth and cord cutting
  • Eating the placenta – is it safe?
  • …and so much more!

Learn more about Paula Mallis | Follow Paula on Instagram

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