Episode #108: Dr. Adi Jaffe on Addiction, The Effects of Shame + The Abstinence Myth

June 5, 2019

I’m a true believer that it’s our pain that becomes our power; that we are not defined by our triumphs but by our struggles and how we recover from them. Today’s podcast guest is no exception. I’m thrilled and honored to have Dr. Adi Jaffe, founder of IGNTD on the show today sharing his journey with addiction and how he turned his pain into power. Dr. Jaffe’s story begins with his own addictions and while it could have ended with 9 felony convictions, he didn’t allow his story to end there. Dr. Jaffe went back to school to get his masters and ultimately his PhD to study addiction and redefine with recovery actually means. Today on the show he’s sharing his story, his struggles with mental health and why he believes that abstinence is a myth. 

On Episode #108 of the That's So Maven podcast Davida is chatting with Dr. Adi Jaffe all about addiction, shame and why there is an abstinence myth to addiction.

Today on the show we’re discussing:

  • Dr. Jaffe’s story and upbringing
  • How he began dealing drugs and ultimately got caught
  • The “addictive personality” and if it really exists
  • Why he decided to go back to school and study addiction
  • IGNTD and why he believes that abstinence is a myth
  • Redefining what recovery actually looks like
  • Shame and how it plays into addiction
  • …and so much more!

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