Episode #126: Jeff Chilton on the Amazing Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

November 13, 2019

Medicinal mushrooms?! I know what you’re thinking here…but hang with me! This episode is a juicy one. Over the last several years medicinal mushrooms (mushrooms that have benefits for our bodies…not of the magic variety!) have had a huge resurgence. But these incredible fungi are not new and in fact, are likely older than us. So what’s the deal with them and are they really that great? Simple answer: Yes. But for the longer answer tune into today’s episode with Jeff Chilton, president of Nammex, author of The Mushroom Cultivator and mushroom grower and researcher for over 40 years is on the show today sharing all of his mushroom wisdom.

On episode #126 of That's So Maven, Davida is chatting with Nammex founder and mushroom expert Jeff Chilton all about the amazing benefits of mushrooms!

This was honestly one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had this year on the show. Not only are we going deep into how mushrooms are grown, the benefits of different varietals (reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps etc…) but we’re also discussing the importance of sourcing and what’s really in some of the more popular mushroom products out there. On today’s episode we’re also discussing:

  • Jeff’s passion for mushrooms and what started his 40+ year career In the business
  • How mushrooms are grown and the difference between mushrooms and mycelium
  • The nutritional benefits of mushrooms and how to consume them 
  • Does it matter where mushrooms are grown? What about organic?
  • The different types of medicinal mushrooms and their benefits
  • How to determine quality of your mushroom products
  • Starting an organic mushroom farm in China
  • …and so much more!

Learn more about Jeff Chilton HERE

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