Episode #127: AmyAnn Cadwell from The Good Trade on Everyday Sustainability + Fast Fashion

November 20, 2019

Without question, sustainability is an important and pressing dialogue we all need to be discussing. It’s part of the reason you have been seeing more posts about sustainability on THM and in my personal life I’ve found myself gravitating towards resources that are discussing it. One of the most relatable and empowering of these resources is The Good Trade, a website founded by AmyAnn Cadwell, a leading voice in the sustainability movement, an entrepreneur and social impact angel investor. She wears many hats, but educating the world on how to make more sustainable choices is the primary of them.

On episode #127 Davida is chatting with The Good Trade founder, AmyAnn Cadwell all about everyday sustainbility and the true cost of Fast Fashion.

The Healthy Maven and That’s So Maven has always been a place where we discuss health and wellness and how to take better care of yourself, but you cannot take care of yourself while ignoring the health of the planet. They are one and the same and need equal attention and respect. So today we are chatting about this parallel between sustainability and wellness and how to make everyday choices for sustainability and curb our fast fashion addiction.

On today’s episode we also discuss:
  • AmyAnn’s background and getting a degree in social entrepreneurship
  • Why she launched The Good Trade in 2014 and what inspired her decision
  • “The True Cost” and how fast fashion became so popular
  • How to shop more sustainably and her favorite sustainable clothing brands
  • How to prioritize decision making when it comes to sustainability
  • Everyday changes we can all implement to live more sustainably
  • Making sustainability conversations accessible and less scary
  • …and so much more!

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