Episode #129: Breanne Fahs on Body Hair + Why It’s So Controversial

December 11, 2019

Is there anything in life more polarizing than body hair? This is particularly true for women who are often judged for having any ounce of hair on their bodies. What about for men? Why are they revered for their body hair and judged for removing it? Today on the show I’m chatting with Dr. Breanne Fahs a professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University and expert on body hair all about it. On episode #129 of That's So Maven, Davida is chatting with women and gender studies professor Dr. Breanne Fahs all about body hair + the pressure to remove it.

So if you’ve wondered what the deal is with body hair, is it healthy (spoiler alert: YES!) and why we feel so inclined to remove it, this episode is for you. On today’s episode we also discuss:

  • Dr. Fahs’ background and her interest in women + gender studies
  • Why body hair is so polarizing for people
  • The history of body hair + why women feel the need to remove it
  • Is body hair clean? The stigma around body hair
  • Her best tips for being confident with body hair
  • Her takeaways from challenging her students to grow out their body hair
  • …and so much more!

Learn more about Breanne Fahs HERE

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