Episode #13: Maddy Moon on Letting Go of Control

April 5, 2017

First off, thank you to everyone for your kind words on last week’s podcast episode with Megan Bruneau. I think we covered some hugely important topics and feel strongly that we maintain this conversation and keep in mind this discussion as both users and sharers of social media.

But onto today’s guest! We have the amazing Maddy Moon on the show covering A LOT of ground. Maddy’s story is one that I think so many of us can relate to, myself included. As an “extreme” personality, I tend to see the world in very black and white. It makes me very good at setting and achieving a goal, but can also be self-destructive.

Maddy is sharing more about her own journey with black and white thinking and how she’s learned to set goals without becoming attached to the results.

Here are some topics we tap into in today’s episode:

  • Maddy’s history with Orthorexia and how she was able to enter recovery
  • Masculine vs. feminine energy
  • How to balance your masculine energy
  • How to goal-set with a black and white personality
  • Learning to trust and let go of the outcome
  • What her self-care practice looks like
  • The health habit she can’t live without

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