Episode #86: Kathryn Budig on Embracing and Accepting Change

January 2, 2019

Welcome back to the first episode of 2019! I knew exactly who I wanted to kick off this new year with and I’m thrilled to welcome Kathryn Budig to the show. Kathryn is an internationally renowned and respected yoga instructor. She also runs a podcast of her own with her wife Kate Fagan (who I also love!). Kathryn is someone who I deeply admire for her introspection, self-compassion and for inspiring me to deepen my yoga practice. But in today’s episode we’re going beyond just yoga and why no one can be defined by a single thing.

Episode #86 of the podcast with Kathryn Budig - world renowned yoga instructor all about change and how to embrace it.

While Kathryn may have started her career as a yoga instructor she is, as we chat about, so much more than this. This episode really spoke to me as I evolve more in my personal and professional life and move through the rocky transition of change. Kathryn is reminding me that change and growth is a positive thing and not to resist the process.

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