Episode #89: Katie Woods from Ritual Skincare on Taking Care of Your Skin- Holistically!

January 23, 2019

Skincare! Probably my favorite topic to discuss. What started out of necessity – I woke up one day with horrible hormonal acne all over my face, chest and back – has turned into a real passion of mine. I never thought I’d see that day when a) I would be acne free and b) I would actually be grateful for my acne for teaching me all about skincare and how to take care of and protect my skin. But I have to give credit where credit is due and my skin would not be what it is without my #1 skincare guru, Katie Woods. Katie is a holistic esthetician and the owner of Ritual Skincare. She gives the most glorious facials and between those answers my millions of questions about skincare. So it was due time she join me on the show!

On Episode #89 of the That's So Maven Podcast Davida is chatting with holistic esthetician, Katie Woods all about skincare, how to best care for your skin and answering your skincare questions!

On today’s episode we’re chatting all about Katie’s journey in skincare, why she decided on holistic skincare and we’re getting into her best tips for taking care of your skin. We’re also discussing natural hair removal with sugaring and answering YOUR skincare questions. I’m so excited to share Katie’s unlimited amounts of skincare wizardry with you today!

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