Episode #91: Amanda Green from Intuitive Galaxy on Human Design 101

February 6, 2019

Human Design – Have you heard of it? Up until a few months ago I hadn’t either. As a total astrology and personality testing nerd, it’s no surprise that as soon as I discovered Human Design, I was obsessed. In some ways I believe that the universe meant for me to discover it because for months I kept having people bring it up with me and ask me what my design is? I knew it was time to dig in full-force when past podcast guest, Kelsey Patel connected me with a Human Design reader. And that’s how I met today’s podcast guest, Amanda Green from Intuitive Galaxy.

On episode #91 of the That's So Maven podcast Davida is chatting with Amanda Green of Intuitive Galaxy all about human design and getting her chart read live with Amanda.

So what is human design? Great question! To be honest, I think the show does a much better job at explaining it than I can do here, but in essence it is a personality test (of sorts) that combines astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakra system. It’s comprehensive and has many many pieces to it (hence the need for a reading!). You can get a quick overview of your design by putting in your full birthdate here. But to get a good sense of the system, have a listen to today’s episode and hear what it’s like to get a reading. Enjoy!

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