Episode #92: Curt Lederle – My Husband on Newlywed Life + What’s Coming Up Next!

February 13, 2019

It’s the Valentine’s Day episode! Or at least, it’s the day before Valentine’s Day…you get it! After last year’s episode with my husband (then fiancé) Curt Lederle seemed to really resonate with you guys so I asked if he’d come back and join me again this year. Fortunately, I didn’t seem to traumatize him too much after last year’s episode and he happily said yes. So today’s episode is all about what’s changed, what hasn’t changed and what’s coming up next now that we’re married.

On episode #92 of the That's So Maven podcast Davida is chatting with her husband, Curt Lederle all about marriage, their best relationship tips and how to communicate effectively.

A few other topics we tackle:

  • Did we know we were meant to be together when we met?
  • How we managed long distance
  • Best advice for supporting your SO when they’re going through job searching and transitioning jobs?
  • Is Curt into health and wellness?
  • What are you two most excited about that’s coming up?

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