I’m Doing the Barre3 Challenge…Care To Join? {Giveaway}

December 30, 2014

I cannot even begin to explain my excitement when I heard a Barre3 studio was opening up in Toronto. My first experience with Barre was several years ago in Montreal and my Wednesday morning class became a staple in my routine.

For no reason, I didn’t keep up with Barre when I moved to NYC and had almost completely forgotten about it by the time I moved back to Toronto. Then one day I woke up and decided I needed it in my life again. Cue Youtube, which is how I stumbled upon Sadie Lincoln and Barre3. For the past 6 months or so I’ve been doing the Barre3 online workouts to build strength for my injury-prone body.

barre3 challengeI should probably back up and explain to those who don’t know what Barre is all about. Barre is a low-impact workout that incorporates elements of yoga and pilates mixed with ballet. Many of the moves are performed at a ballet barre to help with stability while you isolate smaller muscle groups. Other parts of the workout use small weights and a ball to really get those muscles firing. It may not sound tough, but I can assure you your legs and arms will be burning by the end.

Barre3 follows a 3 step formula (hence the “3”) to ensure you get a full body and mind workout. And let me tell you, a workout you will get.

Barre3 has completely transformed the way I view exercise. I used to be a runner and weight-lifting junkie but I kept injuring myself. First my IT band, then my hip and then my back. Yoga has always helped to alleviate some of these symptoms, but because it doesn’t focus on strengthening specific muscle groups it hasn’t helped treat the problem at the core. A major issue for me was that I had developed an attitude where in my mind exercise required big moves and heavy weights.

barre3-3I know that some people think the opposite and especially that heavy weights will make them bulky. While I completely disagree with this notion, lifting large objects and doing endless burpees took a toll on my body to a point where it just didn’t feel right anymore. I needed something that would help strengthen my core and glute muscles but was also low-impact and wouldn’t exacerbate my back and leg issues.

Which is how I returned to the Barre. But of all the Barre classes I’ve taken, both in person and online none have compared to Barre3. Does this give you a better sense of my excitement when I heard Barre3 was opening in Toronto?

My expectations were blown out of the water after my first class at their King Street West location. The facilities are beautiful, the staff is so patient and encouraging and the workouts were not surprisingly, brutal and awesome.

They let me take in my camera one day so I could snap a few shots for you guys. Allow me to show you around…

This is the lobby where Aimee is manning the desk. She’s the owner and is so sweet!

front-hallThe studio can fit around 20 people which makes the classes feel more personal without stepping all over each other. All the equipment is there so you don’t need to bring anything.

Barre3-toronto_interiorSelfie in the changeroom, which is equipped with all of the amenities you might need as well as a shower and personal changing rooms.


Now you guys know how I feel about going outside in the winter so my plan had been to keep up my online Barre workouts and yoga classes and go to the occasional in-studio Barre3 class, but I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to participate in the Barre3 challenge when I learned about it last week.


The Barre3 challenge happens twice a year to reset and challenge your body to strengthen itself with Barre and healthy eating. Some people use it as an opportunity to lose weight, get a kickstart on their new years goals or just start off 2015 on the right foot. I’m not interested in losing weight but I’ve managed to find a workout that I really love and want to stick with it. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so I’m golden if I keep up the Barre3 challenge for 28 days, right?

The Barre3 challenge is a 28 day commitment to exercise and nutrition. As part of the program, you make the promise to attend 4 in-studio classes, do one 10 minute online video and make 1 healthy recipe from the Barre3 nutrition guide each week. 5 workouts + a healthy meal? I got this.

The challenge kit comes with a tracking guide, a fab tote bag, a beautiful glass water bottle, access to the online workouts (which are awesome!), a meal-plan as well as a live Q&A with founder Sadie Lincoln.


Photo Credit: Barre3

So for the month of January I will be committing to the Barre3 challenge. Snow or shine I will be hitting the Barre and will hopefully come out the other side stronger and healthier than ever.

The Toronto location of Barre3 has been incredibly generous and offered to give 1 lucky THM reader a chance to win a Barre3 challenge kit of their own! In addition, they are gifting 5 free classes to my fellow Torontonians so they can hit the barre and try it for themselves.

All you need to do is enter below using the rafflecopter and I will announce the winner of the Barre3 challenge kit and five class passes on Friday January 2nd, just in time for the kickoff of the challenge on January 5th!

If you aren’t in the Toronto area, I highly encourage you to see if there’s a Barre3 location in your neck of the woods, and if not try out their online workouts. They are affordable, can be done anywhere and require very little equipment. They’re also killer!

I’ll keep you posted on how the challenge is going. I hope you’ll join!

Disclaimer: I was gifted a free Barre3 Challenge kit however all opinions are entirely my own. I really love Barre3 and cannot wait to take on the challenge in January!


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  • Reply
    erin @ The Almond Eater
    December 30, 2014 at 7:13 am

    Oh my gahhhh. Ok so Pittsburgh doesn’t have Barre3 (we are always behind on everything) BUT we do have the Barre Code. I just joined yesterday and can’t walk this morning thanks to my workout. I love it and already have a post planned. YAY for exercises that don’t cause back pain 🙂

  • Reply
    December 30, 2014 at 7:27 am

    That is the nicest barre studio I have seen. I have only been to Pure Barre. I think there is actually a Barre 3 within walking distance from me that I have been meaning to try out sometime.

  • Reply
    December 30, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Awesome! So happy to hear a Barre3 is opening near you. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now and have an online subscription. I took my first in studio class when I was home visiting family in NJ this past fall and enjoyed it so much. I love the flow of their classes, that it’s different all the time and how the instructors really take time to set up the moves and make sure everyone is getting the most of the class. Two thumbs up. Enjoy the challenge! And happy (almost) New Year!

  • Reply
    Kelly @ Kelly Runs For Food
    December 30, 2014 at 10:13 am

    So fun! My yoga studio has barre classes, but they never work with my schedule. I was able to take one the other day since I’m on break and I loved it. It reminds me of my former ballerina days so I wish I could do it more often!

  • Reply
    Michele @ paleorunningmomma
    December 30, 2014 at 10:27 am

    I’m getting into yoga and barre after too long of a time spent JUST running and I’ve been loving it 🙂

  • Reply
    December 30, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    I’ve done 2 online barre3 workouts over the past week, the first 2 actually. I like it a lot! It’s much more challenging than you would think. Those tiny movements are really effective. I’m going to incorporate barre3 once a week into my workout routine now!

  • Reply
    Liz @ I Heart Vegetables
    December 30, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    That sounds fun! I dont’ have a barre3 place near me but I might try the online workouts!

  • Reply
    Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    December 30, 2014 at 11:29 pm

    Funny, I just attended a class at a barre3 near me a few weeks ago! Glad that you enjoy it so much. I like doing barre on days after I’ve had a tough workout the day before to kind of contrast my routine with a lower impact workout (though I definitely feel the burn during it!).

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