Resistance Band Workout

March 12, 2013

How awesome would it be if airports had gyms? I don’t know about you but I am always super early for my flights. Running late makes me anxious so I always give myself extra time. Sometimes this results in waiting at the gate for well over an hour even before boarding. I usually walk around to get some cardio in but with a purse, a coat and a carry-on I feel like i’m transporting a small village. In my ideal world there would be a full-service gym with lockers and showers. I’m sure i’m not the first person to come up with this idea so do let me know if you’ve seen this before!

Have you ever seen people doing mini-workouts at their gate? I’ve seen a lady doing yoga and a man doing a bodyweight circuit. I’ll be honest, I was actually pretty envious of them. If I wasn’t so self-conscious I would absolutely drop and give 30. But a gym would be more convenient. Get on it people!

If I got over my fear of people watching me workout the first thing I would do is whip out my resistance band. Though they look harmless, these things can give you a mean ass-whoopin’. Best part is, they’re portable. This is a great alternative if you’re on vacation and have little access to gym equipment. It’s also good if you are new to strength training and not quite ready to pack on the weights.

I came up with a full-body resistance band workout that you can complete in 30 minutes (if you don’t stop…which you shouldn’t) plus a 5 minute warm-up. You can pair this with some cardio or just do it on its own. Either way you will break a sweat and your muscles with burrrrrrn. Give it a try!

Here are descriptions and links to videos for each of the exercises and recommended reps:

Squat and pull apart-I couldn’t find a video which shows you exactly what to do but basically you are pulling the resistance bands apart at shoulder-width (as the video shows) squeezing your shoulder-blades together while also squatting at the same time. Repeat 15 times. You should feel this in your quads, glutes, shoulders and upper back. 

Upright Row-Wrap the resistance band around something sturdy (I use a couch or table leg). Step one foot back. Pull bands quickly at hip-height and slowly release to 3 counts. Repeat 15 times. You should feel this in your lower back and sides and arms. Keep your core tight to work your abs.

Lunge and pull-With one foot over one handle and the opposite arm holding the other handle, lunge in the direction of the hand holding the handle and pull. Keep leg which is securing the opposite handle on the ground straight and bend the leg which is stepping out. Repeat performing 12 on each sides. Works legs, glutes, inner thighs, back and shoulders. 

Russian Twist– Wrap resistance band around feet and grab handles, keeping them together. With heels on the floor (or elevated for more of a challenge) move handles from side-to-side tapping the floor. Repeat 20 times. Works abs and obliques.

Shoulder press-Step on the center of band with feet shoulder-width apart. With palms facing forward raise arms above head until straight. Slowly lower arms bending at the elbow. If your resistance band is too short, you can do single-arm shoulder presses by stepping 10 inches in on one side of the band and with the matching arm (right foot-right arms and visa versa) raise arm above head using same instructions as above. Repeat 12 times (or 12 on each side if doing single-arm). Works arms and shoulders.

Tube Walk-Step in the centre of the band keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Cross band and grab opposite handles. Pull arms in close, holding them just above the hips with the elbow locked next to the body. Bend knees slightly and step out with one foot. Have the other foot follow and then repeat. Perform 12 on each side. Works the hips, glutes and biceps.

Tricep kickbacks– Step in the centre of the band keeping feet shoulder-width apart. Lean forward and pull arms back with palms facing each other. Slowly bring palms back to sides bending mostly from the elbows. Repeat 10 times.Works triceps.

Bridge squeezes-Sit down and tie the resistance band around legs just above the knee. Be sure there is some slack to pull but not too much. You should feel a burn in your thighs. Lean back and push your hips to the sky, squeezing your glutes. At the same time pull apart your legs keeping your feet on the floor. Release and lower. Repeat 20 times. Works your lower back, glutes and thighs

Do you ever use resistance bands to workout? Have you ever worked out at an airport? 


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    May 20, 2015 at 9:09 am

    Great workout. Resistance bands are awesome. They’re just so versatile. I also love the fact that they allow for such a gentle and controlled way of exercising. This reduces the risk of joint damage and makes them a great tool for older people to stay in shape.

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