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My brother just stopped by the house for his daily coffee. Now that I’m not in the office 9:00-5:00 I’ve since discovered that my brother treats my family’s home like a Starbucks. Granted we have Starbucks coffee at my house so it kind of makes sense, but there’s at least 5 Starbucks locations between his apartment and my house.

honey mustard drumsticks

I was lacking inspiration for today’s post so I asked him for some advice. I showed him the pictures to hear his opinion to which he responded “meh”. Which was then followed by “I read your post today…it was okay.” So as retaliation I am posting about what a jerk he is. You’re welcome.

I’m just kidding, he’s only sometimes a jerk, but when it comes to the blog I don’t put much weight in his opinion. He did after all eat McD’s for dinner last night. It’s also incredibly difficult to make meat look as appetizing as baked goods for the record. I told him I was going to post about him today and he told me he’d start a blog where he’d shit-talk The Healthy Maven everyday. Sibling love at it’s finest!

honey mustard drumsticks 2

So here’s my recipe for Slow-Cooker Honey Mustard Drumsticks that my brother thinks looks pretty “meh”. The rest of my family on the other hand was smart enough to keep the commentary to themselves so that I would feed these to them for dinner last night. Wise people.

Slow-Cooker Honey Mustard Drumsticks

by The Healthy Maven

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 3-4 hours

Ingredients (Makes: 10 drumsticks)

  • 10 chicken drumsticks (any kind of chicken would work e.g. breasts)
  • 4 T dijon mustard
  • 3 T honey
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1 T water


1. Mix together all sauce ingredients.

2. Add chicken to slow-cooker and coat with sauce.

3. Cook on high for 3-4 hours (will be done after 3 but whenever you can turn it off).

4. Serve warm over rice.

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honey mustard drumsticks 3

Do you have siblings? Are you as nice to each other as I am with mine?

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  1. hahaha you got to love the brother sister relationships. I don’t think I could ever get my brother to read mine!

  2. I don’t know what your brother is talking about – those look delicious to me! I love honey and mustard together, especially on chicken and fish.

    My sister and I used to never get along when we were younger, but we’re really close now!

  3. Haha, the banter between you and your brother is hilarious! It sure is great to have a sibling to trade insults with, isn’t it? 😛 Kidding, though having a sibling sure is awesome. 🙂 Glad you ignore you’re brother’s opinion for this post because it sure looks delicious!

  4. 1) I do have a sibling, my older sister
    2) We are super nice to each other now and basically BFFs–but we were not always that way. 🙂
    3) Those drumsticks. YUM! I cannot wait to try them! I love how small the list of ingredients is.

    1. You and your sis are too cute! I love seeing facebook and IG pics. Not nearly as close with my sisters but my bro is pretty awesome despite his snarky remarks every now and then 😉

  5. I have a twin brother! But, your brother and my brother sound like long lost BFFS…He would say the exact same thing to me. How-ev-er we are actually best friends and I wish that he could just pop over for coffee. Since he lives in Vancouver, BC and I like in Florida,…’s a bit of a commute. 😉
    But, this chicken? I need it

  6. Ahh one of the many reasons I need a Crockpot. Your brother sounds like a funny guy – at least you know that when he gives you a compliment, he really, really means it!! Send me some of these for lunch please! I’ll write nothing but good about The Healthy Maven in return!

  7. Haha I am like your brother, but I treat my parent’s home like free refrigerator to store my farmers market goodies while I hit the gym. Your relationship with the bro sounds very strangely similar to mine, except my brother just asks me repeatedly why the heck I always take pictures of my food. 😉

    1. in 2 weeks I’ll be doing the same! I really shouldn’t judge seeing as I live with the amenities daily but once I’m out I know I’ll be taking advantage of the costco paper towel roll hoarder happening in my basement!

  8. My sister and I actually get on quite well but we definitely had our moments over the years 😉

    I need to buy a slow cooker! These drumsticks look delicious, love honey/mustard.

  9. My parents used to make a specific Dijon chicken recipe that was fabulous. Not that I eat chicken anymore but I think I need to find out what that recipe was so I can share it with guys,,,and make it for my son. BTW, I saw that you shrieked when you spotted my peanut butter in Canada! I really hope you bought it!

  10. This sounds exactly like my twin brother and I…. you gotta love them. My brother walks around and refers me “The Kosher Cave Girl” in public. Sometimes it makes me want to smack him, but thank g-d I still have a shred of a sense of humor left.

    Oh, and yeah, the chicken looks delish!