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Watermelon meets lemonade in this Refreshing Mint Watermelonade. It’s a healthy and delicious drink recipe on a hot summer day. Sweetened naturally with fruit and a touch of honey!

How’s THAT for a name?! Screw SEO, I just couldn’t come up with watermelonade and not use it! In other news, today’s post is dedicated to the most glorious invention since indoor plumbing, the iPhone.

I seriously have no idea how I lived before the existence of a smart phone. I must have been very dumb. While it’s nice to get a break from it every now and then, when we are apart it feels like I have a phantom limb. It should be there, but it’s not.

Refreshing Mint Watermelonade // watermelon meets lemonade in this refreshing summer drink, sweetened with honey! thehealthymaven.comBesides it’s obvious uses for email, phone, text, I also depend entirely on it for answering the 132497987324 questions that pop into my head every day. Google is also something I wonder how I lived without.

Here is a prime example of why I need an iPhone with me at all times. So I’m in the grocery store picking up a watermelon. There’s 3 other ladies around me knocking on all of the watermelons trying to pick the perfect one. Of course I do the same and begin knocking away on some melons (lol). But here’s the thing, I have no idea why.

It seemed like the logical thing to do but I had no clue what I should be listening or feeling for. After knocking on about 5 of them, I decided it was time I google what the heck I was doing. Thankfully I had my trusty iPhone to answer all of life’s questions including “why should you knock on watermelons?”

Refreshing Mint Watermelonade // watermelon meets lemonade in this refreshing summer drink, sweetened with honey! thehealthymaven.comAs it turns out, to pick the perfect watermelon it should feel/sound hollow when you knock on it. You learn something new everyday! So I joined back in with my new club of melon knockers until I found the best watermelon in the bunch!

I actually live in fear of what someone might find if my phone got stolen or lost and a stranger looked up my search history. I suspect they will be somewhat astounded by the number of medical conditions I look up, A LOT of random facts about Montana (I was there 2 weeks ago and apparently very curious) and articles about English bulldogs (don’t ask…).

Now that I’ve bared some of my shameful googling habits, I’m sort of feeling like I should go hide in the corner with this Refreshing Mint Watermelonade. At least I’ll have my iPhone to keep me company.


Refreshing Mint Watermelonade

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  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 12 cups 1x


  • 67 lemons, juiced (or about 1 1/2 cups of lemon juice)
  • 2 cups watermelon, seeded and chopped
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves
  • 12 cups water
  • 24 tbsp honey (more or less, to taste)


  1. In a blender combine lemon juice, watermelon and mint leaves.
  2. Add to a large jug and dilute with water.
  3. Add in honey, to taste.
  4. Store in refrigerator.

Watermelon meets lemonade in this Refreshing Mint Watermelonade. It's a healthy and delicious drink recipe on a hot summer day. Sweetened naturally with fruit and a touch of honey!

Are you attached to your smartphone? Tell me a random thing you’ve googled! I swear I won’t judge…

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  1. This drink looks so refreshing! All I need is a hammock in the shade to going along with it 🙂

  2. Love the name watermelonade! Not to mention it sounds like my PERFECT summertime drink. I totally always google how to know if fruit is ripe when i’m at the market 🙂 My trick with watermelon is actually to buy the half or quarter melons since they you can actually SEE what you’re getting, plus I can never finish a whole melon myself before it goes bad.

  3. I pray that if I die no one looks at my google search history because I google THE DUMBEST STUFF. I actually used to google basically everything when J and I first started talking because I wanted to look smart and knowledgeable so I would fact-check everything. Now that we’re dating I don’t have to pretend to be smart anymore (kidding). Sometimes I don’t want to carry my phone with me but I KNOW I’ll need it to look something up… that’s why we’re the same person. xoxo

  4. So I love this beverage and I think I would like it even more with some vodka. I’ve made watermelon mojitos before but I’m digging the sound of watermelonade vodka, partially because I’m out of rum and also because I love lemons.

  5. Ha! I love love love this watermelonade! I need to make it! We make so much fun of my mom because she claims she came up with the idea of the iPhone but it was already invented and she just didn’t know about it. Seriously, how is this woman!? I Google so many random things! Medical conditions is definitely one of them and these days, any and all things related to pregnancy.

  6. I’m so attached to my smart phone, but my smart phone acts up so much…it’s pretty dumb. I only use it to read blogs and check out instagram and the occasional phone calls. It’s great when it actually works though to keep me entertained on my train ride to work.
    Also I love this recipe! As soon as I find a watermelon small enough for 1 person…or actually have people over maybe I can try it out.

  7. “Phantom limb”➔ hit the nail on the head. Even when I don’t NEED my iPhone, I still feel a little lost without it. Google is a lifesaver when you hear a loud creature sound in your neighborhood. A while ago, I looked up “loud bellowing noise animal night swamp” and found that our niehgborhood lake was filled with bullfrogs, not whales like I originally thought.
    P.S. this watermelonade is summer at its finest.!

  8. Wow I never knew to knock on watermelon to check if they were good. Then again we only started getting watermelons in supermarkets in the UK last year!

    Last random thing I googled – how long it takes to drive from Texas to Chicago! It was on a TV programme and I was convinced it would take an insanely long time, turns out only 14 hours! Mind blown!

  9. i could SO kick back and relax with one of these lemonades right now, they look so refreshing and perfect for summer!

  10. This looks awesome – perfect for summer time. And, I’m thinking that it would taste pretty good with a bit of vodka if you wanted to turn it into an adult summer beverage!!!
    Pretty much any time my boys start questioning stuff my go-to is “just google it.” I always tell them that living in this time period there is really nothing we can’t figure out in just a few minutes!!!