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This post has been a long time coming and to be honest, it feels like a relief to be writing it. If you know me, then you know how I operate: work-hard, play-hard. I work crazy long days for weeks on end and then I detach completely. It’s a strategy, which I found to be effective for me in the past, but slowly it is beginning to catch up with me.

Since the blog is not just my passion, but my job it is no exception that I’ve adopted this mentality in how I operate it as a business. So far it’s worked. And while I am so incredibly grateful for the following THM has achieved, in the process I have lost a lot of the core values that this blog is supposed to be about.

Balance is Key // thehealthymaven.comBalance is key. I’ve said it from the start. Move your body, eat your veggies, drink your wine and binge-watch your favourite Netflix show. Some days more veggies than wine, and others more Netflix than activity. It all evens out in the end.

But when those veggies and sweat sessions get pushed aside to make room for more work and then suddenly you find yourself eating popcorn and wine for dinner in your PJs from the night before, it’s pretty clear your balance is off kilter.

This has been me for the past couple of months. I have been working my butt-off, as is to be expected when you are self-employed, but not at the expense of your health. And especially not when you write a blog called The Healthy Maven.

As terrifying for me as this is admit, some changes are necessary. Partially because it’s time that THM and I slow-down our relationship and find a better sense of balance. But also because I have a few other projects in the works that are going to force me to divide and manage my time better.

I don’t want to keep pushing off workouts and skimping on the healthy food because there “isn’t enough time”. I don’t want to say no to an evening walk with C because “I’m too busy working”. I want to work hard to enjoy my life, but not have my life be my job.

So what does this mean? I will be cutting back to 3 or maybeeee 4 (should time allow it) posts a week. I used to post 6 days a week and over the last few months have dropped down to 5 but even this isn’t sustainable.

As to be expected, the focus of these posts will be my always favourite topic, food. Occasionally I’ll be popping in for an update on life, Maven’s Cravins, travel and some blogging-related posts. So pretty much the same as always, just less frequently.

While I am saddened that I’m going to have to be choosier when picking which recipe to make from my never-ending idea list, I also am excited to have a bit more free time to focus on some of the other things and people I love. Plus, I think once I reveal the other projects I am working on you will be happy about this change too.

My tentative posting schedule is looking like it will be Sunday, Tuesday, Friday with either Monday or Wednesday open should I have time to post. Otherwise STF it is (good thing there’s no day of the week with a “U”). I highly doubt you’re sitting at home trying to console yourself, but I felt the need to share with you why I might not be frequenting this place as often as usual.

Should you need some counselling, you can always stalk me on my various social channels. I can’t promise to be all that entertaining but I’ll do my best!

I just realized how fitting it is to be posting this on the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Lately, it’s been feeling like a chapter is coming to a close with a new one about to begin. I am excited/terrified/happy about what this next one has to offer and you better bet I’ll be filling you in when I have the time!

In the meantime, I’ll be embracing the change.

some changesHave you ever recognized that you need to take a step back from something you love?

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  1. I completely know how you feel. Since I started my new job two monthes ago I’ve been so mentally drained!!!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, which really sucks! I’m finally getting to that point where I have more free time so I’m going to try to get back on a posting schedule.
    But I definately understand the need to cut back. Don’t sacrifice all of your personal life.

  2. YES! I can’t even imagine if blogging were to become my full time job, but now running my blog, plus having 2 part-time jobs and being a full-time grad student, things definitely get overwhelming! Pat on the back to you for recognizing taking a step back …it’s definitely worth it & your loyal readers will still be here!

  3. honestly, this is just awesome. you DO work your butt off.. and it shows! But sometimes it overwhelming, I think taking a little step back and enjoying more things you love is just what you need.. what we all need <3 love you girl!

  4. The fact that you could churn out 5 quality posts per week has always amazed me. You’re awesome girl and capable of so much, but sometimes being successful means NOT doing everything we’re capable of. Good luck with finding your new balance! 🙂

  5. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I did not just call you a dog. Ok, technically I did but I meant it fondly and you love puppies anyways so it’s all good.

    I’m happy for you and proud. Just don’t go filling your new found “you” time with all the new projects. Carve out some Dav and C relaxation time, and you’ll be good to go and able to bang things out with even more efficiency because you’ll be all refreshed and recharged.

    Once upon a time, I did a post on this very same subject. It was hard and sometimes it still is, but it’s absolutely worth it and one of the smartest decisions I made:

    Love you. You are doing great.

  6. This probably sounds cheesy, but I’m really proud of you for doing this. Part of the reason balance became such a theme in my life was because I always took everything to an extreme, and I suffered for it. I think the exchange that sums this up most perfectly was when I called my mom junior year because I hadn’t been feeling well. She concluded it was stress because I was, as always, trying to do too much. She said “I would tell you that you need to give something up, but I know it would be pointless, because you would just find something to take its place.” As I got older I learned to recognize the toll that was taking, not just on my health at times, but on my relationships. I saw how John and I suffered when work was everything. What I’m trying to say is, I know just how hard it is to force yourself to do less, even when you know it’s not just for the best, it’s necessary. Once again, you’re setting an excellent example for your many readers and followers.

  7. Just catching up on some necessary blog reading over here! If anyone knows where you’re coming from in terms of creating better balance in life, it’s this girl!! I totally appreciate and relate to how you’ve asked yourself, “Why did I begin blogging in the first place?” and try to return to the roots of it all. It’s so easy to get carried away in one or two aspects of life. It’s all about finding a balance! <3
    Excited for you and your upcoming endeavours!!!

  8. Hell to the yes. I love this, and I am so glad you are getting your balance back. There is no sense in letting life pass by!! IT’S TOO SHORT! 3-4 times a week is fantastic, and you can always deviate from that if you want!!

  9. I can definitely see where posting 6 times a week can only be sustained so long – that’s currently what I’m doing and reading this has made me realize something will have to give. My kids really have to still come first and, although I want to build my blog I also need to rethink priorities. Good for you to recognize the need to slow down, and also exciting to have new projects on the horizon!

  10. I so understand what you’re going through! I just quit my job so I could take something that would give me more time to explore the things I love and calm my life down. It was difficult for me to except that, but now that I’ve made the decision it’s made it so much easier to move forward and focus. We all need a time out sometimes and that is ok!