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Stuck in a peanut butter rut? Ditch the store-bought jars and go for one of these 23 Healthy and Creative Homemade Nut and Seed Butters instead. I can’t promise you won’t be going at them with a spoon though…

23 Healthy and Creative Homemade Nut (and Seed!) Butter Recipes - Ditch the store-bought jars and go for one of these nut butters instead. I can't promise you won't be going at them with a spoon though...
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By now you should know that one of the foods I can’t live without is nut and seed butters. I have AT LEAST 4 different varieties on hand at all times. I love them for their healthy fats, satiating quality and most importantly, their deliciousness! Plus they’re super easy to make…so long as you have a food processor.

Cue Davs lecturing you over why you need a food processor.

I kid. I’ll spare you that talk for another post, but if you’re interested in making homemade nut/seed butters I highly recommend you purchase a food processor or high-powered blender. Best. Investment. Ever.

Admittedly, I can get in a bit of a nut butter rut. I’m a sucker for almond and peanut butter, but there are so many other amazing nuts and seeds out there that deserve a little loving. So for my own research and hopefully for yours as well, I’ve rounded up 23 HEALTHY and CREATIVE Homemade Nut and Seed Butters to keep you nut and seed happy till infinity! (or realistically 1 month in my house).

Homemade Nut Butter Recipes

Vanilla Sea Salt Almond Butter Recipe

Creamy vanilla sea salt almond butter recipe made with fresh vanilla bean, chunky sea salt and lightly roasted almonds. The perfect spread for your toast, oatmeal or favorite smoothie recipe. Or just eat on its own with a spoon!

Cashew Butter [with Cinnamon]

Ever wondered how to make cashew butter? This cinnamon cashew butter is the ultimate creamy topping for toast, apples, granola or whatever your heart desires and is made with just 5 simple ingredients!

Mocha Hazelnut Butter

This Mocha Hazelnut Butter is an easy DIY nut butter recipe made with toasted hazelnuts, chocolate and coffee for a caffeine twist on nutella! If you’ve never tried hazelnut butter before, you are definitely missing out!

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter

Homemade almond butter is easier than you think! Make this Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter recipe in your blender or food processor in under 20 minutes with just 4 ingredients!

Spicy Walnut Butter

Get the taste of your favourite chocolate bar without any added sugar in this Almond Joy Nut Butter! Perfect for spreading on toast, oatmeal or your favorite smoothie!

Almond Joy Butter

Get the taste of your favourite chocolate bar without any added sugar in this Almond Joy Nut Butter! Perfect for spreading on toast, oatmeal or your favorite smoothie!

Homemade Pistachio Butter

A simple recipe for homemade pistachio butter. Save money by making it at home!

Maple Cinnamon Sunbutter

If you’ve ever been to Canada, then you know this country’s obsession with maple. The second you cross the border

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cashew Butter

Nut butter lovers, get ready to fall in love all over again with this Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cashew Butter. It only takes 15 minutes to make and the best part is that you can lick the spoon!

Cinnamon Peanut Butter

A fun spin on peanut butter that combines raw peanuts, coconut, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s smooth, creamy and so delicious… you’ll want to put it on everything or eat it straight off the spoon!

Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

This naturally sweetened chocolate hazelnut butter spread has just four ingredients and only takes minutes to make!

Macadamia Vanilla Bean Butter

Slightly salty, very creamy, vanilla personified, and nutty to the core – this batch lasted but a moment as I found excuses to incorporate it into every part of my diet. Slathered it on impossibly soft fresh bread? Of course. Baked it into chocolate treats? you betcha.

Maple Sea Salt Pistachio Butter

Homemade pistachio butter is easier to make than you think. Throw all of the ingredients for this maple sea salt pistachio butter into a food processor and process until smooth and creamy.

Sunflower Seed Peanut Butter

I made a hybrid using both sunflower seeds and peanuts, and it’s creamy, drippy, has a velvety smooth texture, and is nothing like the texture of most commercially-made peanut butter.

Whipped Homemade Almond Butter

This twist on the classic homemade almond butter is loaded with chocolate, coconut and protein powder, and then whipped to airy, light perfection! Easy, Paleo-friendly and SO addicting!

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  1. Hi Davida,

    Thank you so much for your recipes!!!

    I love nut butters, specially almond butter eat too much 😋

    Maybe one day try doing it at home 🏡



  2. I am pretty much to your excellent recipe. Really that is a delicious recipe. I have learned a new recipe from this blog, as early as possible I will try to make it in my home for my child. Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

  3. I am currently out of all nut and seed butters in my dorm, so this post is making me drool TO THE MAX.

    1. NO. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! Do I need to make my way to boston with a crate full of nut butter?!

  4. Before we were friends/I was your fan girl I tried making your pistachio butter. I definitely did not let it blend long enough. It sat in a jar, pretty crumbly in my dad’s fridge, for probably a year before I finally threw it away haha.

    1. Your recipe looks to-die-for! I just new I had to share it and cannot wait to make it too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂