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I’m currently writing this from the plane, which C and I sprinted to catch. I think arriving at the airport, getting through security and onto the plane in less than 10 minutes might be a world record. Thank you porter airlines for the free glass of wine otherwise I might still be having a panic attack.

I suppose after an absolutely perfect vacation to Boston and Martha’s Vineyard I was bound to almost miss my flight home. Luckily I now have the next 2 hours to scan all the pictures I took, repeatedly in hopes of narrowing them down to the ones I want to post. As I’m sure you will soon tell, I was quite unsuccessful at this.

B and MV 2014Sometimes I write travel posts or recaps in my attempt to help you guys out on where to go or eat but this post is for me (and the family and friends I love and miss dearly). I ate terribly, might have destroyed my liver and maybeeee slept 5 hours total but I can honestly say these were some of the best days of my life.

I went to summer camp for 11 years (go YJ!) and am fortunate to have acquired some of the best friends a girl could ask for from this experience. We are all still in touch but came together after 5 years to celebrate the 75th reunion of our beloved camp. Before heading off to New Hampshire (where my camp is located) we started off the festivities in Boston in what could easily be confused as an opening scene from The Real World. Lots of hugging, lots of laughing and A LOT of screaming. No voice boxes were left untouched.

night out in bostonBy some miracle we managed to make our way from Boston up to our camp in New Hampshire the next morning for the reunion. Almost every time I turned around someone was crying and if I had functioning tear ducts I would have been too. Unless you were there you cannot understand how beautiful this day was or why it was so special. I’m going to photobomb all of you anyway…

Bsoton to NH

camp 2

Camp 3There was an evening activity that night but 90% of the photos are inappropriate for THM. What happens in Manchester, NH stays in Manchester, NH.

The next morning we dragged ourselves back to Boston, stuffed our faces with breakfast from The Paramount and dreaded every second until we had to say goodbye. To my Daled 04 girls: I love you with everything and not a chance in hell am I waiting 5 years for 1 day ever again. Next year in Austin…

As depressed and potentially not sober I may have been, I had MUCH to look forward to. That night I got to see one of my blogging besties and the next morning I was off to Martha’s Vineyard!

LCKLexi and I met last year when she was in Toronto and I was so thrilled to get to visit her in her new house in Boston! Fun fact, Lexi’s boyfriend and I went to camp together and I only discovered they were dating after stalking her Instagram. Turns out we’re actually soulmates and Lexi is seriously the real deal. If you haven’t heard me say it enough, GO VISIT HER BLOG NOW.

After a quick sleep at my Aunt and Uncle’s, C and I headed out to Martha’s Vineyard with my cousin, her hubs and their adorable baby to stay in their beautiful home. The next few days were exactly what I needed.

arrived at MVA two-hour nap on the beach and spectacular views of the Atlantic and Aquinnah Cliffs.

Babies and fresh lobster and spectacular sunsets on the beach. P.S. The Obamas watched the same sunset right down the beach!

lobsterAnd ice cream…always ice cream.

babies-cousins-ice creamFollowed by another beach bum kind of day and a delicious cookout featuring fresh lamb from the Allen Farm and local veggies.

beach bumsWith a final stop at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market for some gluten-free scones and iced coffee, we were en route home via car, ferry, bus and plane. By some act of god we actually managed to catch the plane.

And here I am having written the longest and most picture-filled post THM has ever seen. I’m okay with it.

On that note, I need to go cry in the corner. Best.trip.ever.

What was the best vacation you’ve had in a while? Are you as obsessed with summer camp as I am?


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  1. how fun is this…im excited that you will be closer (in Austin) this year.hopefully we will meet finally!!!

  2. Wow, this literally looks like the best trip ever. Ive actually never been on a trip with that much family, except for the cruise that I went on when I was 8, but I was the only kid, so it wasn’t that much fun for me lol I basically just tagged along with my mom and hung out with my older sister and her husband.

  3. Wow…. what a fun time!! Thanks for sharing! P.S. That sign in Lexi’s kitchen is just too cool. I think we each need one too with out blog names. 😉

  4. Oh my gosh how FUN! It’s awesome that you girls have stayed in touch so long! I bet it’s awesome getting to catch up in person 🙂

    Ok I’m going to go check out Lexi’s blog!! haha

  5. Every time I go to my son’s camp I smell “camp” and get all sorts of excited, happy and nostalgic. I try to get him to understand how fortunate he is to be able to go to camp and to make the same memories we did as kids. Looks like you had such a great time! And I am all for using plane time for photo editing and writing. That’s my plan when I go to Florida in a couple of weeks.

  6. It looks like you had such an amazing time! Best holiday this year is a toss up between Sydney and Croatia – both amazing, and one so amazing we decided to move there 😉

  7. What an epic sounding weekend…of the long variety. I was wondering if you guys had kidnapped a baby.

    Summer camp is a thing only seen at the movies… the parent trap.