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July Journal Prompts

July 1, 2020

“Discomfort”, a word I keep hearing swirling around me. This past month has brought up a lot of feelings of discomfort for people in many different ways. If you’re not used to not being able to resolve discomfort, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. So many of my yoga classes were focused on discomfort and how to sit with it, push through it and what we can learn from it. The reality is that the crises (multiple!) we are facing will take time to resolve. There is no conclusion, solution or answer. So learning to sit with discomfort while also pushing forward is becoming a theme in my life. That’s why this month’s theme is dedicated to discomfort.

10 Journal Prompts for Discomfort

1. What does discomfort mean to you?

2. What are your first memories of discomfort?

3. Where do you feel discomfort, physically?

4. How do you typically deal with feeling uncomfortable?

5. When was the last time you walked through a hard period of life where the only way out was through?

6. Who/what brings you encouragement during discomfort?

7. Write an affirmation that you can come back to when working through feelings of discomfort.

8. What do you want to embrace in your life moving forward?

9. Who supports you during hard times? Who can you genuinely trust?

10. Write any feelings of guilt or shame that come up. Let it flow.

Want to dive deeper? Highly recommend these expressive writing prompts from Leesa Renee Hall specific to white privilege and white fragility.

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