June Journal Prompts for SUMMER!

June 1, 2020

Hello, June! We’re glad you’re here. June marks the official start of summer in my book. School’s out, the days are longer and the sun is shining (unless you’re in SF and suffering from June gloom – sorry friends!). For this month’s journal prompts we wanted to focus highlight the summer solstice and focus on light. This summer is likely going to look different for most of us so we want to encourage you to make the most of this time no matter how it looks!

A few reminders on making the most of these journal prompts:

First and foremost, do what works for you! I personally like to set aside a little time each morning to journal. You can do one prompt a day or set aside a chunk of time and knock multiple out! I always recommend to create an environment that allows you to be present. Make a cup of tea or coffee, find a quiet space that inspires you, put your phone down and journal away!

10 Journal Prompts for Summer

1. What lights you up?

2. What dims your joy?

3. What are your favorite summer memories or traditions?

4. How can you create summer magic in your own home?

5. What things do you need to do daily to ground yourself?

6. What does productivity look like to you?

7. Who are you craving connection with? How can you create that meaningful connection no matter where you are?

8. If you accomplish this each day, you’ll feel satisfied.

9. No matter where you live, what does your ideal day outside look like?

10. What are your top three summer bucket list items?

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