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The Best Clean Concealers [That Actually Work]

July 6, 2021

Concealers! After years of some pretty subpar concealers, the clean beauty world has stepped it up with some products that actually perform. I want my concealer to cover my under up any blemishes that sprout their ugly heads but I also need it to help hide any dark spots or under-eye circles for those nights I stayed up a little too late. Flawless skin does.not.exist but a little concealer can’t hurt 😉

Looking to switch to natural concealers? Here are the 3 best clean concealers for every type of converage and the ones that didn't work!

When switching to natural beauty products, I recommend finding a local store or online database that carries these brands. I am a Credo Beauty loyalist because there is a store I can visit right down the street, but if you’re not in a city with a Credo you can actually message with them online to help you find the perfect shade. They have someone in-house that helps with shade-matching! In terms of what products to use I’ve done the hard work for you and put all of the top green beauty concealers to the test. Here are the tested and approved non-toxic concealers!

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Non-Toxic Concealers I Didn’t Love

Alima Pure Concealer – This used to be my go-to but unfortunately when I put it to the test, it didn’t last as long as I’d like. If you’re just wearing concealer for a few hours, I think this would be fine but caked after long wear.

RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up – Given how many people rave about this product I’d expect it to be better but unfortunately it’s just not super long-lasting and started to cake quickly. Thumbs down from me!


Want to see me put these products to the test? I tried five concealers out and gave my full review and honest opinion of each. See how I applied them and how they held up throughout the day. 

The Best Clean Concealers

01. Vapour Illusionist Concealer $25

My favorite light-weight concealer! It is packaged as a stick which was really nice for application (didn’t have to dip my finger in anything!) and goes on suuuuper creamy. It has awesome ingredients and wears really well throughout the day. It is a light-weight concealer so if you’re trying to cover up cystic acne or intense dark circles or spots, this might not be the one for you. I’ll be grabbing this more on my no-makeup-makeup days!

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02. W3ll People Bio Correct Concealer $23

My favorite full coverage concealer is hands down this W3ll People one! It’s super long lasting, de-puffs my under eyes and color corrects. It’s my holy grail concealer for when I put on a full face of makeup that needs to last all day. It comes in a little tube which I love because of the portability and the application. It has really great ingredients, held up really well throughout the day and is just an overall winner. My only complaint is that they really need to expand their shade range.

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03. ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer $30

The packaging isn’t my favorite with this concealer but that’s a personal preference. It comes in a tube with a wand applicator and while the wand was great, the packaging was just too big for my preference. It offered really nice coverage (I would say medium to full) and didn’t cake or crease through the day. Overall, I was really impressed by this concealer – it’s affordable, good quality and long lasting. I’ll be using this more in the future!

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04. Fitglow Beauty Conceal $42

Nourish the skin while concealing blemishes and dark spots! Blends really well and looks natural on the skin.

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    Abby McMurtry
    March 28, 2020 at 1:35 am

    This was so helpful!! I was thinking of buying the RMS concealer, but now I want to Well People one! Thank you!!

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    Anthony Allen
    August 28, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    This is awesome tips. I am very much of beauty conscious. I love to use concealers since I have very sensitive skin tone. My face skin easily gets affected by the pollution and climate change. I didn’t know how to use the concealer properly… Your tips helped me to get an idea of using that. I really rely on your advice. Thank you !

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