Weekend Recap 04/05-04/07

April 8, 2013

This weekend was sort of up and down. Definitely some great quality time spent with close friends but also lows as I was dealing with a cold and more injury pain. I spent most of Saturday sick as a dog so cooking and socializing was not a priority. More like bed, tissues, tea and wayyy too much trash TV. Seemed to do the trick since I was feeling much better on Sunday! Well enough to whip up an insanely delicious dessert. Scroll down to check it out and see the other exciting and not so exciting things I’ve been up to…

My best friends fabulous Mom was hosting a dinner party Friday night so we decided to crash the party. She is an amazing party planner and the theme was “Tropical BBQ” inspired by one of her favourite restaurants in St. Martin (where she spent the last few months). Look at how she decorated the table. So much attention to detail! The picture does not do it justice

Her family ordered in from Barque Smokehouse. By far the best ribs I have ever eaten! They also gave each person an adorable bag of spicy popcorn. The ribs were paired with an abundance of sides including coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, broccolini, tomato and bocconcini salad. Also the chicken wings were out of this world. Everyone should seriously check this place out!
Saturday morning my cold had kicked in full-force so I didn’t do much. I started off the day with Throat Relief tea (1 of 10 cups that day) and a nutrition-packed bowl of banana walnut oats topped with Nature’s Path GF Sunrise Vanilla Granola. This bowl sustained me for hours. I don’t think I was hungry until dinner.
Woke up Sunday feeling 100% better. I fueled up with some Matcha Pancakes (I promise to post the recipe this week) and then felt ready to go for a run. I went easy on the workouts this week, only doing yoga and some core and hip strengthening. I was hoping my body could handle a run and was pretty pumped. I wish I could say it went flawlessly 🙁 Unfortunately about 5 mins in the pain in my left outer knee started back up again. I’m pretty upset and frustrated but I guess this just means it’s back to the drawing board! I WILL figure out what’s going on.

How did I deal with my post-run depression? I hit the kitchen! I was running low on my Coconut Cashew Almond Butter, which has become a staple in my diet so I whipped up a big batch. I promised my friend from work I would bring her some so I put together a little jar…Sorry for ruining the surprise Sarah 😉

After having the most delicious Sweet Potato Pie at Nouveau Palais last weekend I knew I had to create a healthier, gluten-free (and vegan!) version. This version was actually incredible and surprisingly low on sugar and calories. I’ll post the recipe with my detailed review of Nouveau Palais this week.
But before digging into the pie I enjoyed a fantastic dinner with my family. I have to give credit to my mom (who is an incredible chef) for this meal. An expertly spiced beef roast, snap peas and mushrooms in an asian-style sauce and the perfect roasted potatoes. I am full! 
Not the best weekend but certainly not the worst. Hoping to start off the work week feeling 100% healthy. Mad Men Season 6 premieres tonight so that should certainly help 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend!

What did you get up to this weekend? How do you usually deal with a cold? I hope i’m not the only one out there that becomes a complete baby!


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