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Looking for the best natural blush? From cream blushes to powder these natural blushes will bring brightness, glow and pigment to your cheekbones with quality ingredients you’ll want to put on your skin.

the best natural blush
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After testing out blushes for a week, I honestly have no clue why I don’t throw a little color on my cheeks more often? Blush makes my skin look instantly alive. Dull winter skin? Not anymore with blush! It brings life, warmth and a healthy natural flush to our complexion.

Before we dive into the best natural blushes (there are a lot of them!) I wanted to go over how to choose the color of blush for your skin tone and application tips… because thankfully application has advanced since the 90s. (100% worth the 5+ minutes to go watch this…)

What color of blush is best for my skin tone?

First things first, I want you to know there are no rules in makeup. Have fun, experiment and wear whatever color of makeup you want. That’s the beauty of makeup! Having said that, if you are new to makeup or don’t want to experiment, there are some basic color principles that are helpful with blush.

If you have a fair skin tone – Light pinks and peaches will look really natural on you. If you have red hair or red undertones to your skin, stick with pinkier colors rather than red/warmer pop of colors.

If you have medium skin tone – Go wild! A lot of different colors will look good with your skin tone. If you have lighter hair, purple, pink and peach blushes will look great on you. If your skin tone is more olive, counter that with a peachy shade. If you have pinker undertones, try coral blush.

If you have dark skin tone –  Again, the options are endless. Play with coral, berry, reds, purples, pinks… find your sweet spot!

How to Apply Blush So It Looks Natural

Blush has been applied in so many different ways over the years. At one point there was a defined, bright circle right on the apples of your cheeks. At another point, the blush was applied in a thick line from the applies of your cheeks to your hairline. Neither look very natural in my humble opinion. So how do we avoid that?

I’m not a makeup artist but my #1 recommendation is to start light and build as needed. Whether you’re using a cream or powder blush, you can control how much you’re putting on your face!

After picking up a little color with a brush or with your fingers, smile and then apply the color on the plump part of your cheeks. Blend out and back toward your hair line. If you accidentally apply too much, know you can correct this by taking your foundation or concealer blush or a beauty sponge and just tapping around the perimeter of the blush where there is too much color.

Try to avoid any harsh lines. We’re looking for a natural tint to your cheekbone area and anywhere the sun may hit your face.

Note: Many of these natural blushes can also be used on your cheeks and eyelids so they’re fantastic multi-use formulas.


Want to see me put these natural blushes to the test? I tried five non-toxic blushes out and gave my full review and honest opinion of each.

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The Best Natural Blush

01. HAN Pressed Blush $18

You already know I love the HAN Pressed Bronzer so of course the blush is on the top of my list! I have the shade “bloom” which is a soft rose pink and gives the most refreshed, natural flush look that lasts all day long. Their packaging is also sustainable which is awesome!

02. ILIA Color Haze $32

I adore this blush in “waking up” for a natural, warm look. I love wearing this in the fall and winter for a warm, glowy look.

03. Juice Beauty Cream Blush $25

If you’re new to blush or nervous about adding a bright color to your cheeks, this is the perfect blush to start with! I have it in “orange blossom” which sounds intimidating but I promise it’s a vibrant yet natural blush.

04. Tower 28 Blush $20

This multi-use balm is my new go-to for a bright, fresh face! It comes in 6 colors inspired by the Santa Monica sunset. Their orangey shades are stunning! Highly recommend.

05. Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick $48

This blush gives such a natural looking flush to the cheeks but I also love using it on my lips and eyes for a multi-purpose stick.

06. MERIT Flush Balm Cream Blush $28

I adore how compact this cream blush and how smooth and creamy it is on application. It's super pigmented and also works great as a lip and eye tint.

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