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The area where I’ve probably had the most growth and “aha” moments in the last few weeks as I unravel my own white privilege is in the clean beauty space. First and foremost, we need to acknowledge that clean beauty in and of itself is privileged. Without the use of cheap fillers – which are oftentimes the culprits of toxic ingredients – the product will cost more. To be able to choose to intentionally spend more on your body care products is a privilege. To be able to even think about the idea that there are harmful ingredients in body care products is a privilege.

I’ve had my own struggles with the clean beauty space and whether or not I want to support an industry that plain and simple isn’t accessible to everybody and honestly, I still don’t have it figured out. One place I knew I could start was by sharing some Black-owned clean beauty brands. I’m ashamed to admit I had only heard of a few of these brands before putting this together. While I’m sure C isn’t totally stoked that I’m about to fill up our bathroom again, I’m excited to try out some of these Black-owned clean beauty brands and discover some new products.

Quick reminder: if you don’t have the funds to buy from these companies, follow, comment, share and purchase when you can!

BLK + GRN – Highly recommend starting your search here! “An all natural marketplace by all Black artisans.”

Black-Owned Clean Beauty Skincare + Bodycare

Klur – Besides being completely obsessed with their branding/packaging, their facial products look so luxurious! Cannot wait to try their serums and oils.

Organic Bath Co. – Running low on soap or hand sanitizer? Stock up from Organic Bath Co. Their scents sound amazing!

E Honey Skin – Huge fan of honey so obviously I’m a fan of this company! Glow + honey? Sign me up!

The Butter Bar Skincare – This skincare company targets it all… acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema, sensitive skin… everything! Buy individual products or a kit to address a certain skin concern.

Unsun – Well it looks like I’ll be testing a new facial sunscreen! Excited to see they not only carry tinted face sunscreens but hand moisturizer with sunscreen too!

Oui the People – Looking for a more luxurious shaving experience? This company is a must see! I cannot wait to try their body oil and this may have to be my first foray into safety razors!

Black Girl Sunscreen – This natural sunscreen was created for women that doesn’t leave a white residue, which of course is even more apparent on POC. Definitely going to check this one out.

Eleven by Venus – Recently launched at Credo this is a another natural sunscreen brand made in partnership with Venus Williams. Looking forward to expanding my natural sunscreen collection.

Golde – My old co-working space carried their superfood drinks and they are amaaaazing. Excited to discover they also carry face masks!

KNC Beauty – Never knew I needed these lip scrubs and masks until now. Love that they offer travel sizes for masking on the go!

Eu’Genia Shea – In Greek, the words Eu-Genia means the origin of goodness and goodness this contains! It is a family-run social enterprise dedicated to all natural premium shea butter moisturizers. They are dedicated to fair wages and opportunities for their female workers in Ghana and donate 15% of their profits back to them in the form of an education fund.

Beneath Your Mask – A healing balm, body scrub, body elixir and so so much more! All of their products are microbatched by hand in southern California.

hanahana beauty – So inspired by this company! “Hanahana Beauty is an all-natural, skincare + wellness brand whose mission is to disrupt the global beauty industry. Our intention is to increase accessibility, transparency, and sustainability in all aspects of what we create.” Hell yes!

Freedom Apothecary – Another luxurious skincare company that has face and body oils my skin can’t wait to try! Sorry not sorry, C for an influx of skincare products!

Líha Beauty – “In the Yoruba (Nigerian) tradition making beautifying oils, soaps and lotions from the nuts, tree bark and plants that grew in abundance was a skill that was traditionally learned by all young women. My mother is an English aromatherapist, so I naturally started to blend the two disciplines together.” Umm… so cool!

Rooted Woman – Non-toxic, ethical nail polish created with the vision of women taking care of themselves! Another company and I can 100% get behind!

Lauren Napier Beauty – I don’t know if businesses get any cooler than this. Female owned and operated, manufactured with solar energy and co-packed by the Foundation of the Handicapped… I mean they clearly have their priorities straight!

Wild Lather – Stocking every sink, shower, bathtub with these soaps! They also make custom triangle soaps for events… making a mental note!

hyper! – This company speaks to me! Struggle with dark spots, scarring or hyperpigmentation? (Raising my hand!) These products were developed to heal and brighten your skin!

Luv Scrub – As a chronic dry skin sufferer, I am so excited to get these cloths. Users have said that these help with ingrown hairs, back acne and more!

Piperwai – I tried Piperwai deodorant when I put a bunch of natural deodorants to the test and their activated charcoal deodorant was one of my faves!

Black-Owned Makeup Brands

Mented Cosmetics – This company was started over a glass of wine so obviously I love! They set out to create nude lipsticks for every skin tone.

Range Beauty – “Created out of a need for more diverse shades and less toxic ingredients.” Yesss!! Why isn’t this every natural beauty company’s mission?!

Luv + Co – Another company that created safe, natural and organic beauty products for women of color – specifically Black women. Their mission is to “help equalize eco-beauty and offer inclusive green beauty products”. YES!

Lovinah – They do both clean skincare and makeup! I ordered one of their eyeshadow palettes that look gorgeous as well as their liquid eyeliner!

Black- Owned Clean Beauty Haircare

Briogeo Haircare – Have you ever thought that you should put as much thought and care into your hair as you do with your skin? Briogeo set out to do just that.

Hair Rules – Celebrating every single texture of hair – straight, wavy, curly and kinky. Love seeing this!

Sienna Naturals – Clean haircare products for textured hair! Rebuild the health of your hair with these nourishing products.

Oyin Handmade – ” ‘Oyin’ is the Yoruba word for honey. It also stands for the principles of sweetness, joy, and love — elements we seek to inspire in our customers’ daily acts of self-care.” These products focus on restoring moisture in highly textured hair!


I just put in a huge order of a bunch of different products so stay tuned for actual product reviews in the next few months!

Want more? Here is an amazing round-up of 125 Black-owned beauty brands thanks to Cosmopolitan Beauty Director, Julee Wilson!

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  1. Thanks for this list! I tend to shop in a handful of green beauty stores (Credo and Beauty Heros) but looking closer, there are only a handful of black brands represented. Looks like they both are working on it, but in the meantime I want to expand my horizons to include more companies that are black owned – BLK + GRN was a great find. Thanks

  2. I like your blog very much, I am against racial discrimination, and of course I support black brands, I hope to get better and better in the future

  3. Thank you for this resource, so many great companies to check out. (I’ve already ordered a Luv Scrub!) I have a lot to figure out/discover/learn with my own white privilege, but one decision that is easy is to be more mindful in my purchasing and support of black owned businesses.

    1. Agreed! It certainly isn’t the answer to systemic racism but it’s a great place to start. Put in a big order the other day and excited to share what I discover!