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Are you bored in the house? I got you. Some of you may remember years ago when Lee and I ran a lifestyle and DIY site called SHEuncovered (#RIP). While those days may be gone (along with the URL!) I’m still a a DIY lover and especially love DIYs that help encourage self-care! Honestly, if I could trademark “productive relaxation” I would. Maybe it’s the Virgo in me but I feel most relaxed when I’m creating something and especially if that something helps me take care of myself.

So if you’re jumping on the whole “productive relaxation” train (if not, that’s cool too!), I decided to round-up my favorite self-care DIYs because you get two benefits in one project: a satisfying task that doesn’t involve polishing off a Netflix series and basically an at-home spa experience. BOOM. Let’s do it…

So get that crafturday going and whip up some of these DIYs while giving yourself and extra dose of self-care. Enjoy!

10 Self-Care DIY Projects

01. Homemade Bar Soap

Making homemade bar soap easier than you think! In this step-by-step guide I’ll show you how to make homemade bar soap using simple melt and pour soap and ingredients that benefit all skin types but especially sensitive skin!

02. Homemade Bath Salts

This homemade bath salts recipe will help soothe sore muscles, moisturize skin and relax you into your next bath – with 4 different combinations to help you customize your bath salts blend to meet your needs.

03. Hydrating Avocado Face Mask

Get glowing skin with this hydrating face mask. Made with just two (or three!) simple ingredients, this face mask can be made entirely from kitchen ingredients you likely already have on hand.

04. Gingerbread Body Scrub

Make this luxurious scrub with just 6 ingredients and one bowl. You can throw together this sugar scrub in minutes and have a spa day in no time at all.

A tutorial teaching you how to make homemade aromatherapy candles. These diy scented candles are made with just two simple ingredients: soy wax and essential oils. Anyone can make these candles at home! #diy

05. Aromatherapy Candles

Who doesn’t love candles? If you’ve never made your own, you need to start now. You just need wax, wicks and essential oils.

How To Make a Yogurt Face Mask with just two ingredients

06. Yogurt Face Mask

Did you know that yogurt can be good for your skin? Make this simple, nourishing face mask with a few key ingredients.

07. Homemade Salt Scrub

This basic recipe will help you customize it to your liking so you can maximize the detox benefits of this therapeutic scrub.

08. DIY Stress Relief Tea

One of my favorite rituals for stress reduction is sipping on herbal tea. This DIY tea is a blend of herbs that specifically target our nervous system to help decrease and balance our stress levels. Each herb has an individual effect helping to support the body, holistically.

09. Homemade Rosewater

Balance out your skin by making your own rosewater! It helps balance the pH balance, soothes irritation and reduces redness. Plus it smells amazing and is so simple to make!

10. DIY Natural Deodorant

A simple homemade deodorant recipe that smells amazing and actually works! Made with clean, all-natural ingredients and ready in under 10 minutes, this natural deodorant recipe will quickly become a staple in your body routine.

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